In February 2013 I published my second book. PLUSPLUS is a collection of more than a hundred patterns for better communication. These PLUSPLUS patterns I’ve gathered in more than three years of giving public speaking trainings across Europe.

In three blocks – content, delivery, slides – you will learn about boosters and brakes of communication.

Among others, you will learn about the Aerobic Penguin, the AK-47, the Cha Cha Cha. You will learn how to avoid landmines on the minefields of antipathy. You will say goodbye to two terrible demons on stage, and you will deploy the wonderful players of F.C. Rhetoric. But – you will learn so much more…

You will learn about the magic of PLUSPLUS.

Where can I buy PlusPlus?

The PRINT VERSION is available at the following Amazon sites:

Interview with Olivia Schofield

The Trailer


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