How Can You Become A Spectacular Speaker In Just Two Days?


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Is Your Slide Nespresso?


Here’s the situation.

You have to present something. It could be a sales presentation, a pitch for funding, or a project update – whatever.

You create a slide presentation to visually complement your verbal and non-verbal communication.

In the upcoming meeting you’ll have a screen available to present those slides. Big screen, small screen, . . . → Read More: Is Your Slide Nespresso?

One Of My Favorite Ads


In 2011 I made it to Asia for the first time.

It happened on our flight to Singapore. I was just sipping red wine served by that courteous, traditionally dressed flight attendant of Singapore Airlines when I saw one of the best ads I’d ever seen.

Today, this is one of my all-time favorite . . . → Read More: One Of My Favorite Ads

From Speech Structure Building To USP


Last week, for the third consecutive year, I had the great pleasure to support my friend Prof. Conor Neill from IESE Business School. 142 motivated Executive MBAs from Madrid coming to Barcelona for a residential week. All anxious to learn about the secrets of persuasive communication. Together with our collaborators Mel Kelly, Tony Anagor and . . . → Read More: From Speech Structure Building To USP

Three Aspects Of A Super Bowl Ad


Yesterday, my friend Christoph showed me the new Volkswagen Beetle ad. It will be broadcast during this year’s Super Bowl on February 5, 2012. As part of the most exclusive advertising fireworks in the world, Volkswagen will spend $7 million on their 60 seconds of nationwide exposure.

Let’s have a closer look at Volkswagen’s . . . → Read More: Three Aspects Of A Super Bowl Ad