We Dove, We Dared, We Discovered


On March 14 and 15, 2014, in Warsaw I had the enormous pleasure to participate once again in one of our Spectacular Speaking events. Organized by founder Olivia Schofield and the Polish power pack Jerzy Zientkowski and Justine Holubowicz, for the first time we offered an optional second day of personal super growth.

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Did You Expect THAT?


Do you think Seinfeld makes you laugh by accident? When your audience laughs it’s never an accident. Any laughter is triggered by a pattern of humor. One of the very few patterns of humor is the unexpected pattern. Saying the unexpected is what makes every joke funny. It’s the twist in the end, the . . . → Read More: Did You Expect THAT?

10 Success Boosters In Public Speaking


Source: wallpapersonly.net

Countless speech evaluations in my seminars I started asking, What did you like about the speech?

10 plus patterns, 10 success boosters regularly pop up during these moderated evaluations. From professionalism to authenticity – use them and you’ll increase your level of success in public speaking.

1 Professionalism

A poised, professional, serious . . . → Read More: 10 Success Boosters In Public Speaking

Can You Prepare Yourself To Be Spontaneous?


One of my favorite quotations comes from Mark Twain who said, It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.

Impromptu speaking, speaking off the cuff, spontaneous answers and comments – spontaneity is one of the great challenges in communication. It’s also a key expectation of many of my seminar . . . → Read More: Can You Prepare Yourself To Be Spontaneous?

Public Speaking At A Glance


Dear friend of charismatic communication!

I created a one-pager for you covering all those aspects that make public speaking a true art.

HERE you can download the PDF version for free.

If you do so, please leave a short comment below. Very much appreciated.

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