Where There Is No Hook You Cannot Hang A Jacket


Once I asked my mom, Mom, what is your biggest lesson learned in 42 years of primary school teaching? My mom, back then 80 years old, looked at me, paused and took a severe sip of Bavarian beer. She targeted my eyes like a praying mantis targets her prey. Then she threw her eight-decade-wisdom . . . → Read More: Where There Is No Hook You Cannot Hang A Jacket

One Speech And Four Big Mistakes


It was two days after my fortieth birthday. It was a penalty without a goalkeeper. I would give a great keynote speech on charisma, one of my favorite topics. I would blow those 350 lawyers out of their designer socks. It was such a done deal. And it all went so wrong.

The tricky . . . → Read More: One Speech And Four Big Mistakes

Include Them All


Either he’s a natural talent (something I don’t believe in anymore in public speaking) or he’s mega smart or he’s just a super nice guy. I think it’s a 20/40/40 mix. Fact is, Matthias from Frankfurt said something in a speech that I hadn’t heard in all those years of dealing with the scientific . . . → Read More: Include Them All

Why Don’t We Talk Like We Draw?


I just came back from an incredibly inspiring event. Together with my fellow personal growth warriors Tony Anagor and Tobias Rodrigues we had organized the third round of Pit Stop for Game Changers. What can I say… Wonderful venue, wonderful people, wonderful inspiration. Especially one workshop made me reflect.

Jürgen Salenbacher, an international expert . . . → Read More: Why Don’t We Talk Like We Draw?

The Anxiety Equation


It was cold outside, but warm were the hearts of our Finnish friends. On October 20-21, I attended the event “Master the Art of Presenting” in Helsinki, organized by my fellow Toastmaster Timo Sorri and his company Havain. It was an amazing event full of priceless inspiration. In this article I share with you one . . . → Read More: The Anxiety Equation