Will You Clean That Toilet?


In the midst of May 2016, I had the great honor to co-moderate our national conference of Rotary International in Spain. It was a very special event because we could welcome a very special guest – the President of Rotary International 2015-16, K. R. Ravindran from Sri Lanka. In his keynote address, he shared . . . → Read More: Will You Clean That Toilet?

Seven Characteristics I Love In A Leader


So many books, thousands of books, millions of books have been written about the stuff that makes a great leader. But what makes a great leader for you? I thought about all the people whom I admire for their leadership skills – among them my former biology teacher, Mr. Rundler, and my dad, in . . . → Read More: Seven Characteristics I Love In A Leader



Since my very first test training in Barcelona in July 2009, I have only applied and accepted positive (PLUS) and constructive (PLUSPLUS) feedback. Inspiration had come from my years at Toastmasters International – an organization that truly lives the value of helping others grow.

In my trainings, participants gain more self-confidence and more self-esteem. They . . . → Read More: Do It The PLUSPLUS Way!

The Future Speaks AGILE


José E. Rodríguez and I met in October 2013. I was invited to give a workshop at a weird event in the South of Barcelona – an AGILE Coach Camp. That was my first encounter with the future – the future of how we do business in companies. Ever since the word AGILE haunts . . . → Read More: The Future Speaks AGILE

Are You Like Obi-Wan Kenobi?


The world is waiting for one day. On December 18 2015 the Force awakens. Once again we’ll be immersed in the eternal fight of good against evil. Once again we’ll follow a hero’s journey. Once again we’ll find ourselves intrigued by the presence of a mentor. And once again we’ll be missing the original . . . → Read More: Are You Like Obi-Wan Kenobi?