Where There Is No Hook You Cannot Hang A Jacket


Once I asked my mom, Mom, what is your biggest lesson learned in 42 years of primary school teaching? My mom, back then 80 years old, looked at me, paused and took a severe sip of Bavarian beer. She targeted my eyes like a praying mantis targets her prey. Then she threw her eight-decade-wisdom . . . → Read More: Where There Is No Hook You Cannot Hang A Jacket

The SIXT Experience


A few weeks back, I helped Cathrin with her presentation. Cathrin, a great client for years, had to speak to the board of executives of her company. Her topic: motivation. At first I thought, Motivation… again?? But my client burns for this topic. Cathrin’s motivation to speak about motivation is contagious.

She was given . . . → Read More: The SIXT Experience

We Have To Stop Saying We Have To


Monday morning, 10am. Team meeting. Coffee and croissants. The weather, the weekend, small talk. All meeting participants find a seat. The topic: strategy. How do we get from A to B? What’s the strategic plan? Brainstorming. Soon, one of the business line heads raises his voice and says, We have to…

How many times . . . → Read More: We Have To Stop Saying We Have To

Spectacular Speaking, Spectacular Barcelona


On March 13 and 14, 2015, the Spectacular Speaking crew led by delivery queen Olivia Schofield came together for the fifth time – this time in the Mediterranean pearl of Barcelona. It was another personal growth booster for everyone involved.

After Poznan, Cologne, Antwerp and Warsaw, this time we met in Barcelona. Two dozens . . . → Read More: Spectacular Speaking, Spectacular Barcelona

Music Was My First Love


John Miles felt it in 1976. I’ve felt it all my life. Music was my first love too.

Whether it’s singing in the school choir, singing in the shower, singing in the rain, playing the clarinet or writing songs for road trips with my college buddies – I’ve always loved music.

No wonder that . . . → Read More: Music Was My First Love