Ten Ideas To Improve Your Networking Skills


At university my friends called me socializer. I have always loved to meet new people. For me, they are a steady source of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. You could say I am a natural networker. But we all can widen our network of contacts and trusted relationships. Here are ten ideas for you to . . . → Read More: Ten Ideas To Improve Your Networking Skills

The Anxiety Equation


It was cold outside, but warm were the hearts of our Finnish friends. On October 20-21, I attended the event “Master the Art of Presenting” in Helsinki, organized by my fellow Toastmaster Timo Sorri and his company Havain. It was an amazing event full of priceless inspiration. In this article I share with you one . . . → Read More: The Anxiety Equation

Normal Is Not Their Standard


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At our last edition of the Spectacular Speaking series in Warsaw we had some special guests. Peter Vitezy and Mark Mulrainey from Actionlab Consulting based in Budapest. The Actionlab guys have developed several completely different training formats for international companies. They started off with using poker to improve one’s decision-making . . . → Read More: Normal Is Not Their Standard

Public Speaking Training In Football Shrine


On April 24 and 25 2014, I’ll be holding a very special public speaking training.

This training is special for two reasons. One, it’s an open training, which means that anyone can participate. I normally offer corporate inhouse seminars only. Two, the venue.

Thanks to my new cooperation with the Munich-based retention specialists . . . → Read More: Public Speaking Training In Football Shrine

Where Can You Apply The BMW Rule?


As a regular reader of this blog, you’ve already learned that charisma is nothing, but nothing innate. The more I work in this field, the more I’m convinced.

It’s like math. Charisma isn’t X, the unknown variable. Charisma, that magical radiation, is the sum of many drivers, as I like to refer to them. . . . → Read More: Where Can You Apply The BMW Rule?