You Already Have It


Do you remember Columbo alias Peter Falk in his worn-out trench coat? I loved that show when I was a teenager. The other day, a female training participant borrowed a page from the style-guide of Columbo. The training was over. Everyone had left the modernist training room. She was the last one. And just . . . → Read More: You Already Have It

Generic Is Dead Long Live Specific


The longer I deal with the art of speaking, the more I’m frustrated with people’s incapability to give specific examples. Specific examples are more tangible, more relatable and they increase your logos value. More logos, more persuasive power. Contrariwise, generic content is as useless as a deaf spy.

For 3,013 days I worked as . . . → Read More: Generic Is Dead Long Live Specific

Is It Relevant To Me?


Last week, I learned about a new trend in the travel industry. Some web-based booking platforms add a new search function – a search based on your passions. Instead of looking for a specific destination, you would type in football.

As results you’d receive top football venues, packages with Champions’ League games in Barcelona . . . → Read More: Is It Relevant To Me?

Blueprint Of Persuasion


Since Mr. Aristotle (384 – 322 BCE) changed the course of communication forever, we cannot reinvent the wheel of persuasion. We persuade others and move them to action thanks to robust arguments. Arguments based on logic (Logos), credibility (Ethos) and emotion (Pathos).

We cannot reinvent that wheel, but we can repaint it. In this . . . → Read More: Blueprint Of Persuasion