Do You Speak Like An Image Brochure?


When people present something, far too often they speak like an image brochure: We add value to our clients; we offer legal advice to NGOs; we turn your company into an agile powerhouse. Don’t tell people what you do. Tell them what you did. For a simple reason: proof.

Think about the last corporate . . . → Read More: Do You Speak Like An Image Brochure?

Why You?


What differentiates you from others? Why should we work with you? Or simply, Why you?

Do these or similar questions sound familiar to you as a professional service provider? I hear them again and again. Honestly, sometimes it annoys me to start all over again with every single new prospect. What I forget is . . . → Read More: Why You?

The Fifth P


University of Bamberg. Wild student days. Party, party, party and … no mercy. Mercilessly, Professor Dr. Frank Wimmer hammered the four Ps of marketing into our young, ambitious and hung over business administration heads.

In 1960, E. Jerome McCarthy, a marketing specialist, had proposed a four Ps classification, which has since been used by . . . → Read More: The Fifth P

Senses, Wine And Public Speaking


What role do our senses play when we buy a bottle of wine in the supermarket? How do our senses influence our consumer behavior in general? And what can public speakers learn from sensory marketing? Dr. Martin Kern offers the answers in this interview.

Martin is the Managing Director of SAM Sensory and Marketing . . . → Read More: Senses, Wine And Public Speaking

What Is The Difference Between Selling And Flirting?


Yves is one of my best friends. I’ve known Yves since my university days. Back then, Yves lit the fire of student parties. As a passionate DJ he loved life, he loved to stay up late, and we all envied him for his insane success with the other gender. I always wondered, What is . . . → Read More: What Is The Difference Between Selling And Flirting?