The Three Powers Of The Pause


One of the greatest challenges for public speakers, especially for those who are at the sunrise of their rhetorical journey, is to stay silent when they face an audience. The pause is the most powerful word in public speaking. A true paradox – I learned that audiences can hear your pauses.

A pause is . . . → Read More: The Three Powers Of The Pause

Be A Scientific Entertainer


Engineers, software developers, scientists – one of their biggest fears on stage is that their more logic-based audiences could perceive their presentations as mere show. Show for them is when presenters focus more on delivery than on content.

And because they’re so afraid of a hypothetical audience reaction – they have never really experienced . . . → Read More: Be A Scientific Entertainer

Senses, Wine And Public Speaking


What role do our senses play when we buy a bottle of wine in the supermarket? How do our senses influence our consumer behavior in general? And what can public speakers learn from sensory marketing? Dr. Martin Kern offers the answers in this interview.

Martin is the Managing Director of SAM Sensory and Marketing . . . → Read More: Senses, Wine And Public Speaking

If Then Else


I’m not a programmer, I’m not a hacker, I don’t even watch Bollywood movies. But – I do remember my computer class in 1991. Black screens, green letters, a humming sound – our computer room at grammar school.

Our math teacher, Mr. W, shows us the first steps in Pascal, a computer language more . . . → Read More: If Then Else

108 Patterns For More Powerful Presentations


More than three years of personal research went into PLUSPLUS. Based on thousands of speech evaluations across Europe, I could identify 108 patterns for more powerful presentations.

In three blocks – content, delivery, slides – you’ll learn about boosters and brakes of communication. Among others, you’ll get to know the Aerobic Penguin, the AK-47, . . . → Read More: 108 Patterns For More Powerful Presentations