108 Patterns For More Powerful Presentations


More than three years of personal research went into PLUSPLUS. Based on thousands of speech evaluations across Europe, I could identify 108 patterns for more powerful presentations.

In three blocks – content, delivery, slides – you’ll learn about boosters and brakes of communication. Among others, you’ll get to know the Aerobic Penguin, the AK-47, . . . → Read More: 108 Patterns For More Powerful Presentations

And We Toasted With Porto


May 15th to 17th 2015 turned out to be another milestone of communication skills, personal growth and cross-border friendship. In Porto, almost 300 Toastmasters, mainly from the South-Western European region, gathered to learn, laugh and toast with Porto.

We experienced wonderful workshops, epic evaluations and spectacular speeches. I had the impression that the competitive . . . → Read More: And We Toasted With Porto

The One Hundred Zero Goal


*Amanda Richards via Compfight cc

To date, I’ve experienced more than 4,000 three to five-minute speeches in my trainings. Speeches about life, speeches about business, motivational speeches, inspirational speeches, emotional speeches. I detected patterns for improvement; I detected patterns of rhetorical gold.

One thing I struggle with is that I easily get bored because . . . → Read More: The One Hundred Zero Goal

The Only One Listening To You


But sometimes I have to present more serious content where I cannot apply all the stuff we’re doing here. If I only had counted the number of times that someone told me this in the trainings. Dozens and dozens and dozens of times. Driven by everything we cannot do in life, instead of everything . . . → Read More: The Only One Listening To You

Spectacular Speaking, Spectacular Barcelona


On March 13 and 14, 2015, the Spectacular Speaking crew led by delivery queen Olivia Schofield came together for the fifth time – this time in the Mediterranean pearl of Barcelona. It was another personal growth booster for everyone involved.

After Poznan, Cologne, Antwerp and Warsaw, this time we met in Barcelona. Two dozens . . . → Read More: Spectacular Speaking, Spectacular Barcelona