avatarThis wasn't a training. This was an adventure.

Andreas Buhl, Director Operations
Magna International
avatar"A seminar? Today?" As a fresh father I hadn't slept for days. I was done with the world. The only option: cancel the training. Thanks God I didn't! I will never forget the moment, when I entered the training room with tired eyes and a smiling Flo, full of energy, yelled at me: "You've got 10 minutes to prepare your first speech - go!" For me, those two days were full of energy and inspiration. Flo reanimated me - with tons of logos, ethos and pathos. He gave me the courage to show my emotions - something I had almost forgotten about in this cold world of numbers. He's right. Life is a hiking tour on a mountain without a peak. One of my most important stops was the participation in this seminar.

Martin Schadhauser, Managing Director
Traunmed Reha Center
avatarAs District Governor of one of the 3 Rotarian Districts in Spain, I was and I am extremely grateful for the personal work, collaboration and coordination with others, performed by Florian. He was appointed Master of Ceremonies for the District 2202 (composed by 74 clubs and 1,400 members) and as such he was responsible for the organization, structuring and final presentation and coordination of all major events in the District, such as district Assemblies, Conferences and others, all of which he performed with knowledge,  care and enthusiasm, always motivating and engaging, in a very positive way all the colleagues with whom he had to cooperate. A fantastic major achievement was the organization of a Spain wide Conference in Toledo, for all three of the Spanish Rotarian districts, which involved the participation of the President of Rotary International and many other Rotarian authorities and State officials. The Conference itself congregated 1000 persons. Florian's contribution to this event was regarded by all as one of the determining factors of success.

Sergio Aragón, District Governor 2015-1016, Rotary International
avatarFlorian has helped me become a better communicator on my climb with him to "the mountain without a peak". In my job I communicate more than 90% of the time, so his mentoring has an extremely high impact. I don't know any trainer with more energy.

Timo Buetefisch, CEO
avatarFrom all the trainings I had the opportunity to organize with my teams, Florian's public speaking course is by far the most memorable.

It's an intense experience that will create a very strong bonding among the participants and will change their approach to present in public for the rest of their lives. It is a challenge to find the right wording to describe how much Florian's influence positively changed the people he's been in contact with. His course goes by far beyond the boundaries of the dos and don'ts to create a great public presentation: it also gives a great insight how to give feedback among peers. His famous "++" technique to help improving people is still something our team members use today!

I've seen individuals opening up like they never did before, and literally transform themselves in two days: and from all the groups our company sent, it was always the same story. Thanks to his genuine authenticity, energy, and passion to make people better, it results constantly with the same conclusions: "amazing!", "incredible!", "awesome!", "I will use the training for all my life!".

If you want: a stronger impact in public interactions, improve team dynamics, and help making feedback conversations more productive, Florian is your man.

Alvaro Duarte, Head of Studio