avatarFlorian has helped me become a better communicator on my climb with him to "the mountain without a peak". In my job I communicate more than 90% of the time, so his mentoring has an extremely high impact. I don't know any trainer with more energy.

Timo Buetefisch, CEO
avatarFrom all the trainings I had the opportunity to organize with my teams, Florian's public speaking course is by far the most memorable.

It's an intense experience that will create a very strong bonding among the participants and will change their approach to present in public for the rest of their lives. It is a challenge to find the right wording to describe how much Florian's influence positively changed the people he's been in contact with. His course goes by far beyond the boundaries of the dos and don'ts to create a great public presentation: it also gives a great insight how to give feedback among peers. His famous "++" technique to help improving people is still something our team members use today!

I've seen individuals opening up like they never did before, and literally transform themselves in two days: and from all the groups our company sent, it was always the same story. Thanks to his genuine authenticity, energy, and passion to make people better, it results constantly with the same conclusions: "amazing!", "incredible!", "awesome!", "I will use the training for all my life!".

If you want: a stronger impact in public interactions, improve team dynamics, and help making feedback conversations more productive, Florian is your man.

Alvaro Duarte, Head of Studio
avatarI want to summarize the experience of working with Florian in three aspects: positive energy, unexpected and inspiration.

First, positive energy. Florian's one of the most positive persons I've ever met. He drives his trainings with all this positive energy. Furthermore, I learned how to be even more positive (PlusPlus). Believe me, the results are great!

Second, Florian does it the unexpected way. You don't know exactly how it will be, until you go through it. I told the team it was a learning session on how to speak in public with a very nice guy. This is all I said, because that's all I knew. I was 100% sure that it was a good decission to work with Florian, but I have to admit that the results went far beyond my expectations.  My recommendation? Don't ask too much. Don't prepare anything. Just go there, forget about meetings, forget about your cell phone. Go and enjoy.

And third, inspiration. When you work with Florian, open your mind as much as you can, and let it go! Florian will do the rest... He is really inspiring. We learned a lot, of course, but above all, spending a couple of days with Florian and the team helped us to reinforce even more our relationships within the team. Florian is the greatest team building tool we've tried so far. Be aware that you'll never be the same again! :)

If you want to experience positive energy, learn beyond your expectations, and be inspired, Florian is your man.

Oriol Vila, CEO
avatarThe impact that the one-day training had on our group's public speaking skills is simply amazing! Florian creates an energetic and positive environment where participants feel confident to stretch their limits and challenge themselves. I was surprised to experience how a training that I expected to be quite “technical” resulted in a very emotional one, that helped to strengthen the boundaries within the team and get to know each other at a deeper level. Thanks Florian for a very inspiring day, the whole team is enthusiastic about it!

Davide Campi, Marketing Director Iberia
avatarFlorian is the ACDC of public speaking coaches.

André Mundo, Senior Manager Digital Transformation