avatarAfter 5 seconds we were surprised. After 60 seconds we were hooked. After 5 minutes we put down our smart phones. Florian's vibrant personality and exciting content impressed us. He's empathetic, competent, concrete and authentic - a true top speaker!

Thomas Kombrecht, Product Marketing Manager
avatarFlorian is a spectacular speech trainer. He is a master of the material, extremely good at bringing out the best in people and getting them to confront their own inhibitions, and incredibly funny and engaging and utterly effective. I was sad to see the second day end, but I have been enjoying the outcome of his training on me and my colleagues ever since. Highly recommended!

Eric Bowman, VP Engineering
avatarThank you for two amazing days. It was such a delight. I learned so much about all the structures and techniques, and especially about myself. The insights are not only helpful for public speaking, but also for the daily life - What we see in ourselves, how we show it to other people, and how we persuade them. Florian is not only a great speaker, but also the most amazing trainer and mentor. I hope that we can keep in touch.

Yi Yang, MBA INSEAD 2015 and Kingtern
avatarFlorian is a great inspirer who’s able to inject self-confidence in a matter of hours. His passion, energy and professionalism take you on an exciting, and at the same time fearful journey to the core of your deepest insecurities. I could’ve never imagined that a day with Florian would awaken in me the curiosity to overcome one of my biggest weaknesses, my fear of the audience. Florian and his plusplus technique filled the room with positive energy. All of us rapidly understood the power of positive feedback; we learned from his interpretive skills and enjoyed the opportunity to be public speakers for a day. I’m convinced that we’ll take the chance to apply Florian’s techniques and advice in any given future rhetorical moment.

Susana Jordà, Accounting & Treasury Manager
avatarFlorian is an extraordinary speaker who energized all our 120 managers during his speech within our Danone Leadership Summit! Although he explained to us in a very convincing way that an audience normally stops paying attention after 8 seconds, we all were magnetized until the very last second! He´s a great, funny, spontaneous and entertaining guy - thank you very much for being with us!

Andrea Haug, Senior Organization Development & Learning Manager
Groupe Danone