avatarMy personal concern is to keep improving. Independently of how much lifetime you’ve lived, you must keep investing in yourself to be a better professional and a better person. Some things are easier to improve than others. The most difficult ones are those that require an internal change that can only be achieved through action. After several years of sharing experiences with Florian, I’ve learned that he’s one of those people able to create the right environment to make you act, to get you to the start line and to make you face your limits. Moreover, he provides the right feedback to make you interiorize what you experienced. It’s not only about fun or excitement; it’s about changing and keeping that change with you. Thanks Florian for all your effort and great advice. This year at IESE has been another new wonderful experience.

Juan Ignacio Cantarero, Executive MBA Section Director
IESE Business School
avatarUm, um... we’re accountants; show us a spreadsheet and we’re excited, on the inside of course. Put us in front of a crowd to speak and we’re borderline horrified. A reputation too many of us have earned. Florian struck a very important chord at our international conference this year. Accountants have great messages to deliver and simply need the confidence, enthusiasm and comfort being slightly outrageous to make a difference through informing, motivating and entertaining our audience. Thank you Florian for sharing your contagious enthusiasm for public speaking through your inspiring presentations and discussions!

Rob Tautges, CEO
HLB International
avatarIn Panasonic we are passionate about innovation… That is why we loved Florian's seminar “The Seven Minute Star”. He surprised us all with his endless positive energy, his unusual teaching methods, his passion and wide experience in public speaking. Florian pushed us all way out of our comfort zone in a very gentle way. His positive, constructive feedback was so precise and so powerful (even without a video camera!) that we will remember this seminar forever. Thank you very much for a great experience.

Amalia Santos, HR Project Manager
Panasonic España
avatarFlorian radiates an incredible energy. An energy that lets people, who are about to collapse from stage-fright, release their hand brake and speak up. A contagious energy that makes seminar participants prepare their following speeches with eagerness. An energy that infected all of us and let us experience a fantastic development within those two training days. We experienced two very special days with very special speeches and four "crazy" presentations. Thanks!

Rolf Strotmann, Regional Sales Coach
avatarTwo very good educational and inspiring days. Florian is pleasantly “crazy”; he’s highly competent and knows how to motivate and energize all seminar participants. Great guy, great training - Thank you!

Peter Kraus vom Cleff, Managing Director
Rowohlt Verlag