avatarVertical Media has been working with Florian for more than last 3 years. Florian's seminars are always one of the highlights of our seminar program at Vertical Media/Gründerszene. Florian helps founders to learn how to pitch their ideas in a persuasive way to investors and/or clients. In a single day, Florian is able to boost the confidence of each participant, to challenge them to come out of their comfort zone and help them to find an approach to presenting that is both effective and natural. A number of seminar participants told us that Florian's seminars have been life changing. We are very proud to work with Florian and are delighted to be able to add that he is always a very welcome keynote speaker at our conference Heureka.

Mareike Frith, Academy Manager (till 12/13)
avatarIn one word: extraordinary. In two fun, inspiring and emotional days, Florian made the toughest ones break through their own personal "uncomfort zones" and he brought out the best of talents in those who thought they could never do it. Personal, practical, professional. Thank you, Florian, for a fantastic seminar!

Jan Wedekind, Business Performance Director
avatarFor more than a year, Florian has been training all Woogas who are invited to give keynotes or other speeches at events across the globe. He helps them to inspire and persuade audiences. Trainings fill up on their own; enthusiasm has taken hold of more than 70 colleagues. Although he doesn't make it easy for us. You think you're good already, and then comes Florian... But, definitely, you're good afterwards.

Gitta Blatt, Head of Human Resources (till 12/14)
avatarThank you for two intensive and emotional days full of learning and sharing. … I’m still surprised by the quantity of things one can learn in two days. … The capacity to transform eight people in just two days is something I’ve never seen in my life. … A magnificent training and a privilege to assist. … An excellent job!

Santander Private Banking
avatarFlorian kindly dedicated two full days pro-bono to coach the 14 speakers of the TEDxBarcelonaChange event on April 3 2013. The objective was to share positive disruptive ideas in the field of global health and development in 10-minute speeches using the TEDx format of storytelling. Florian was amazing; he trained speakers from different age, backgrounds, countries and organizations, getting the most out of them. He gave them useful tips on how to start and end their speeches, how to move on stage. He helped them shape their message and, as a result, the speakers could convey their ideas in a more powerful way. I witnessed a tremendous transformation of the quality of their speeches, and all the speakers were really grateful for his help since their TEDx talks gained so much more power. Generally speaking, Florian has been extremely generous and I hope we will collaborate in future events!

Aurélie Salvaire, Curator