avatarThank you for two intensive and emotional days full of learning and sharing. … I’m still surprised by the quantity of things one can learn in two days. … The capacity to transform eight people in just two days is something I’ve never seen in my life. … A magnificent training and a privilege to assist. … An excellent job!

Santander Private Banking
avatarFlorian kindly dedicated two full days pro-bono to coach the 14 speakers of the TEDxBarcelonaChange event on April 3 2013. The objective was to share positive disruptive ideas in the field of global health and development in 10-minute speeches using the TEDx format of storytelling. Florian was amazing; he trained speakers from different age, backgrounds, countries and organizations, getting the most out of them. He gave them useful tips on how to start and end their speeches, how to move on stage. He helped them shape their message and, as a result, the speakers could convey their ideas in a more powerful way. I witnessed a tremendous transformation of the quality of their speeches, and all the speakers were really grateful for his help since their TEDx talks gained so much more power. Generally speaking, Florian has been extremely generous and I hope we will collaborate in future events!

Aurélie Salvaire, Curator
avatarWe’ve worked with Florian multiple times and are more than happy with the outcome. First, he's a down-to-earth, fun guy. Second, he’s an expert in speaking und presenting. Third, he knows how to coach. Fourth, his approach is just different. Working with him is a great experience - the team as a whole builds trust among each other and every one leaves the workshop with a feeling of having grown. Not just as a speaker, but as a person. Florian improves your communication skills, but he also pushes you to get out of your comfort zone and become a more self-confident, authentic presenter, person, leader. Highly recommended!

Kjell Fischer, Serial Entrepreneur
avatarI want to congratulate Florian on his public speaking training. Of all seminars I've had, to date, this is the one I've derived most advantage from. Truth is, we could note the effect of his training at our annual meeting. Florian's training made an impact.

Tomás Diago, Founder
avatarWe were and we are inspired by Florian’s perpetual presence from beginning to end. We are inspired by his enthusiasm and his unconditional emotional and personal involvement with every single one of us. We are inspired by Florian’s seemingly endless positive energy which drove us to do unimaginable things. Technically and humanely outstanding – Florian made us all gain more authority, more credibility and more self-confidence. In the name of our entire management team I’d like to thank Florian for a seminar experience which was extraordinary in every sense.

Roland Spiegel, General Manager
Mercure Hotel Munich Neuperlach Sued