avatarInspiring. From the very first moment everybody in our seminar felt that communication is Florian’s true vocation. He managed to translate his passion and dedication into an incredibly dense, productive and simple method that helped everyone of us to become a better communicator and enabled us to hold remarkable public speeches – within only 48 hours.

Markus Bohl, Serial Entrepreneur
avatarI don’t like trainings. I don’t like coachings. I don’t like coaches. 95% of it is crap and not even worth the money, let alone your precious time. Florian's seminar is different – a blast and I enjoyed every second. It made me better in preparing speeches and it was great team building, too. I ‘like’!

Lukasz Gadowski, Partner at Team Europe Ventures
Team Europe
avatarMore than 100 people enjoyed Florian’s educational training speech The Seven Minute Star. It was definitely one of the highlights of our HP EMEA Finance Training Day. It is not like any other rhetorical training. It is highly interactive. You get entertainment at its best, and still it is a very informative session. In 15 simple steps Florian shows how to implement those rhetorical tools in many different occasions. I can only recommend Florian as a speaker and trainer, if you need advice on how to speak in public.

Laksman Omar Cham, Credit & Collection EMEA at HP, Barcelona (till 3/11)
avatarAt bofrost* we highly appreciate the professional development and training of our people. In this sense the bofrost* Academy only cooperates with partners who can convince us of their high quality and pedagogical standards. Additionally, the specific learning habits of our employees as part of the service industry require an attractive and innovative didactic approach. Florian Mueck guarantees this with his vivid personality and his profound expertise in the public speaking arena.

Stephan Brinckmann, Head of bofrost* Academy
avatarOnly days after Florian’s seminar I had to give a presentation in Zaragoza. I started with a question followed by a paraphrase. Only then, I thanked the organizers. I included personal anecdotes and made a personal reference to my aunt who was sitting in the audience. Before explaining the three practical cases I asked the audience if they liked construction, cars or cava. During the entire presentation I maintained eye contact with everyone. I made references to other speakers and ended with an image that was connected to my initial question. I did NOT say ‘Thank you’ at the end. The presentation was a complete success, I think the best one I’ve ever given. Thank you, Florian, for everything you taught us during those two unforgettable days in Mont Sant Benet.

Juan Ferré, Partner at Jones Day
Jones Day