The Speech Structure Building [Trailer]

On 21 August 2014, I had the honor to give a 1h keynote training speech on my signature topic speech structuring. I was one of six featured speakers at the Annual International Convention of Toastmasters International, which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Bookshelf Series

In March 2013, my fellow pro speaker and trainer Olivia Schofield and I shot a series of educational vids. Watch these videos and you’ll understand that speaking and acting are two different things. You’ll use mirrors to train your facial expressions. You’ll know why it is so important to breathe and you’ll exaggerate on stage – among others.

Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game™ [Trailer]

Together with the internationally acclaimed speaker and professional public speaking coach John Zimmer, I have created an entertaining and educational public speaking board game. The first limited edition is available in fall 2012.

Speaking As A Leader

In 2011, Prof. Conor Neill of IESE Business School and I launched a series of podcasts on public speaking – Speaking as a Leader. You’ll learn about the Line of Proximity, you’ll understand that persuasion is not manipulation, you’ll get to know the three pillars of rhetoric, you’ll know how to pull laughs and how to use rhetorical devices – among others.

TEDx talk in Barcelona 

On July 7 2010, I had the great honor and pleasure to present the European movement The Festival. One Week, One Europe at TEDx Barcelona. It was an exceptional experience to inspire the European spirit into more than 600 TEDsters.

The talk is in Spanish, but if you click CC in YouTube you can activate subtitles in various languages including English.

The Speech Structure Building Method

How to build a professional speech in just 10 minutes? Check out the Speech Structure Building Method – a highly effective approach! Special thanks to Conor Neill & IESE Business School.

The video was produced by Octa Rodríguez, Barcelona.