Destination Training

Are you tired of corporate trainings held in windowless basements of soulless hotels?

Are you tired of kitschy carpets and cliché catering?

Are you tired of standard?

Me too.

The venue above is Schlosshotel Kronberg near Frankfurt in Germany. The green is so close that sometimes a golf ball says hello to your coffee cup. I once helped KPMG with a strategy meet-up for 73 managers and partners. What an amazing atmosphere – THAT was an eternal moment!

The venue below is Kloster Seeon, a monastery near the Oktoberfest capital of Munich. It’s a popular seminar venue for companies and political parties. It has a 100% Zen guarantee. For two days (and nights) I boosted the charisma of 15 managers from the hotel sector. What an amazing atmosphere – THAT was an eternal moment!

The third example below is a country house located in the heart of the Penedés area in the south of Barcelona. Wonderful vineyards everywhere. The owner worked on this art piece of peace for 15 years before he opened it to corporate events. I did a one-day public speaking training with the leadership team of ChupaChups there. What an amazing atmosphere – THAT was an eternal moment!

Training venues have a massive impact on training results. I cannot offer you any research, any survey or any statistic to prove my hypothesis – only my gut feeling and experience.

But could you possibly doubt that positive feelings, positive emotions make personal change easier?

Imagine a calm lake with squeaky ducklings. Imagine the Mediterranean Sea tickling your feet. Imagine moaning mountains moving your soul. Do you smell the difference?

Do you have a different destination in mind?

Call me at +34 635 198 645 and we talk. I can fly anywhere. Just make sure it’s not a windowless basement in a soulless hotel with kitschy carpets and cliché catering. Just make sure it’s not standard because…

Destination trainings are eternal moments.