You can book Florian as a keynote speaker for your event. All formats are available in English, Spanish and German language.

You can choose from the following existing formats:

The Seven Minute Star – Become a Great Speaker in 15 Simple Steps

Interactive, educational presentation with high entertainment factor

Together with the audience I walk up the stairs to the stage of glory. We walk up 15 simple but powerful steps: self-confidence, transparency, first sentence, structure, rhetorical devices, quotes, stories, visual aids, eye contact, body language, voice, humor, passion, enthusiasm, smile.

Number of participants: any group size

Book available

Duration: 90 to 120 minutes

The Speech Structure Building™

Interactive training session on how to build speeches and presentations

In four steps the audience learns how to build any speech or presentation in just a couple of minutes.

Number of participants: any group size

Duration: 50 minutes

The Ball Must Go In – The Scientific Art Of Persuasion

Classical keynote training speech about the three pillars of persuasion – logos, ethos, pathos. A speech full of humor, interaction and energy. Theme: football/soccer.

Number of participants: any group size

Duration: 60 minutes

Your Speech Topic

Or – we develop a completely new keynote speech together. Tailor-made for you and your audience!

Let’s talk.