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Monotony Kills


What do you think of when you hear the word monotony? What kinds of associations pop up in your mind?

I’ll give you a hand. When you look for synonyms in Thesaurus, you’ll get what you asked for – an enumeration of everything that makes our human life so exciting:

Boredom, colorlessness, continuance, continuity, . . . → Read More: Monotony Kills

Your Day Ends With A Smile


Source: Ànima Catering

SIGN UP NOW! Imagine a room. Not any room. A modernist room, beautiful, in the modernist center of Barcelona. Sunny March daylight crawls through the narrow winter garden and rests on the mosaic floor. You’re in Calle Corsega, 286. You’re at the Artchimboldi, the alternative workspace. You’ve just experienced the first . . . → Read More: Your Day Ends With A Smile

A Spectacular Moment


Sometimes and unexpectedly, magical moments sneak around the corner. They come over to us, they smile at us, they give us a hug, they make us feel great. Then they move on and they disappear in the mist of the past.

That warm day in Poznan in May 2012 was one of those moments.

. . . → Read More: A Spectacular Moment