Are you an online business that is looking for a great video-based sales pitch? Are you an entrepreneur who needs to convince investors to back up your business idea? Are you a top executive who needs to persuade the Board of Directors to support your planning? Are you the leader of an NGO that struggles to find funding?

Whatever business idea you may have, you will have to pitch it sooner than later.

Watching this video below can be your first step towards your solution.

“Picture the biggest goal in your professional life. I’m not kidding in claiming that Florian will help you to get there. Thanks to his unique synthesis of the world of public speaking, pitching, and communication in general. He’s the kind of coach who always smiles while gently pushing and annoying you. Only for one reason: to go from 99% to 100%. He made me reach 100%. Florian is the coach you need to win the Champions League of communication.”

Martin Spitznagel, Founder and Managing Director at bind-x.com

“Flo has brought back the PATHOS in my public speaking, enabling me to lead a 12,000 people family business into the next century!”

Max Viessmann, CEO at Viessmann Group