Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America once said the immortal words for any public speaker, Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. With this structured and success proven 7-step process, you will be prepared and you will succeed.

Is an important presentation knocking on your door? Like, a speech at an annual conference of your industry? Or, a christmas dinner speech where you want to inspire your entire company? It could be a pitch presentation to acquire Series A funding for your Internet business. Or, a keynote speech you are invited to give at a major corporate event. Whenever your talk goes big, make sure you prepare thoroughly.

Florian can help you with that. He will take you by the hand and lead you through a seven-step process that he has developed together with the internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer and blogger John Zimmer.

This speech preparation process has one goal: to make your presentations shine like the best TED talks. You can read about this process in detail in the German publication Der TED Effekt (Florian Mueck/John Zimmer, Redline 2017).

What can you expect?

Step 1 – Know your terrain

In this first analytical step, you will obtain a macro view on the three dimensions of your speech success.

Step 2 – Objective

A speech without an objective is like a ship without a harbor. What do you want to accomplish with your talk? How will your audience think, act or feel differently afterwards? What will be that first step, that first action to initiate change?

Step 3 – Message

A speech without a message is like Jesus Christ without a mission. In our modern times of constant information overload, it becomes even more crucial to nail those six or less words. Inspired by advertising, you will not stop until you have that magical phrase.

Step 4 – Relevance

John Zimmer always says, Speaking in public without your audience in mind, is like starting a love letter with the line: ‘To whom it may concern’. The worst thing that can happen is them say: Why should I care? Relevance, relevance, relevance – you will learn about techniques to make your presentation much more relevant to your audience.

Step 5 – Structure

Once you have obtained a good understanding of the macro factors of your speech engagement, once you know where you want to take your audience, once you have nailed the message and know why the audience should care about it, then is the moment to give your talk a robust structure. You will learn about and apply the Speech Structure Building.

Step 6 – Content

Once you have built the Speech Structure Building, you will add furniture to it. You’ll fill that building with persuasive content – from facts and figures to metaphors and stories.

Step 7 – Slides

The last step is PowerPoint. But – Florian will challenge you first. He will ask you: Do you really need slides? Only if the answer is yes, you will create slides that complement your talk rather than replacing it.

While face-to-face meetings will always beat any form of digital dialog, this entire process ia feasible via Skype or Google Hangout as well. For a first non-binding briefing, just contact Florian anytime.