Book Florian as a keynote speaker for your event. All formats are available in English, Spanish and German language.


The Ball Must Go In – The Scientific Art Of Persuasion

Classical keynote training speech about the three pillars of persuasion – logos, ethos, pathos. A speech full of humor, interaction and energy. Theme: football/soccer.

60 minutes

The Charismatic Communicator

Interactive, educational presentation with high entertainment factor. Together with the audience Florian walks up the stairs to the stage of glory. 15 simple but powerful steps: self-confidence, transparency, first sentence, structure, rhetorical devices, quotes, stories, visual aids, eye contact, body language, voice, humor, passion, enthusiasm, smile.

90 or 120 minutes

The Speech Structure Building™

Interactive training session on how to build speeches and presentations. In four steps the audience learns how to build any speech or presentation in just a couple of minutes.

60 minutes

The Recipe – Cook Your Stories With 7 Tasty Ingredients

What is the only thing people really listen to? Stories. Do people tell stories? No. Do people know how to tell stories? Well… No! How cool would it be to have a plan, a recipe for creating stories? In this keynote speech you will learn about seven tasty ingredients for cooking your stellar stories.

45 minutes

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