Volker Zöller, President Consumer Goods

Florian inspired our top leaders with his high energy and reflections on leadership and change - a highlight of our leadership conference!

Kai Behrmann, Director Supply Chain

This [online] training is not a training. This training is an experience. It has logos, ethos, pathos; it is so full of energy and fun and it is the best team-building without being called team-building. Forget about taking notes, just listen and let yourself immerse. What Flo delivers will go straight into your hearts, souls, and minds. Many thanks, Flo. Looking forward to the next time we spend together.

Jorge Salas, Internal Audit Manager

I don't find words to express my opinion about this training. The most expressive one would be, "Wow!" Apart from being a training to improve our rhetorical skills, in our case, it was great team building. Flo's course marked an inflection point in our lives, a before and an after. My heartfelt thank you!

Åsa Lautenberg, Chief People Officer

What can I say, Flo? You are a legend! A healer! And an amazing mentor! Chapeau.

Dominik Berchtold, Founder and CEO

My best training ever - Flo is a true energy and charisma booster!

Michael Böllhoff, Managing Partner

From CSI to HSV, Flo gave us the instruments to become more effective speakers and storytellers! Personally, I appreciate his provocative inspiration that makes me laugh about myself! Thanks, Flo, for making great contributions to our leadership group. Let‘s continue to empower more people to connect the world!

María José Tomé, Head of Engineering

Florian’s keynote speech “The Ball Must Go In” was inspiring, groundbreaking, and offered many rhetorical insights that, without a doubt, will help us professionally. Many participants expressed their gratitude to me for having invited Florian and I believe that his performance, by far, exceeded the objective we had marked. It was such a powerful opening! Afterwards, many speakers made humorous callbacks to his “tips” in their talks. Thank you, Florian!

Guadalupe Garcia, Senior Director, Talent Partner

There's a before and an after Florian's Public Speaking trainings in ADP. In my +13 years in HR leadership I have hired more than 30 external trainers. Florian is the top 1 with most “10s” from participants I have ever seen. Why? Very simple… He isn't only passionate about speaking; he is even more passionate about seeing others grow, and that combined with his enormous generosity in sharing everything he knows with others makes him a MEMORABLE trainer!!!

Måns Wide, Product Lead

During those two days of training I experienced a much wider range of strong emotions than I normally do during 2 months. Florian has a way of making you feel like there is nothing more important in the world than what goes on around you, here and now. I laughed a lot; I cried a lot and I learned A LOT!

Aloys Koch, Sales Director D-A-CH

Our original intention was to have a training session for dealing with customers in online meetings. Soon it became clear: There is more! Quickly we left our comfort zone and entered the limitless world of public speaking heading for that mountain without a peak. Introverted Swabians, dry, tech-heavy “Ruhries” and even stubborn, often expressionless Sauerlanders shouted and sang, and, in the end, we all knew why a temple needs a drainpipe. In an impressive and especially expressive way, Flo showed us how to bring the screen to life and how to prepare a perfect rhetorical dish with just a few ingredients. After the normal initial skepticism, in the end, total enthusiasm!

Martin Spitznagel, Managing Director

Picture the biggest goal in your professional life. I'm not kidding in claiming that Florian will help you to get there. Thanks to his unique synthesis of the world of public speaking, pitching, and communication in general. He's the kind of coach who always smiles while gently pushing and annoying you. Only for one reason: to go from 99% to 100%. He made me reach 100%. Florian is the coach you need to win the Champions League of communication.

Andreas Buhl, Director Operations

This wasn't a training. This was an adventure.

Martin Schadhauser, Managing Director

"A seminar? Today?" As a fresh father I hadn't slept for days. I was done with the world. The only option: cancel the training. Thanks God I didn't! I will never forget the moment, when I entered the training room with tired eyes and a smiling Flo, full of energy, yelled at me: "You've got 10 minutes to prepare your first speech - go!" For me, those two days were full of energy and inspiration. Flo reanimated me - with tons of logos, ethos and pathos. He gave me the courage to show my emotions - something I had almost forgotten about in this cold world of numbers. He's right. Life is a hiking tour on a mountain without a peak. One of my most important stops was the participation in this seminar.

Sergio Aragón, District Governor 2015-1016, Rotary International

[...] A fantastic major achievement was the organization of a Spain wide Conference in Toledo, for all three of the Spanish Rotarian districts, which involved the participation of the President of Rotary International and many other Rotarian authorities and State officials. The Conference itself congregated 1000 persons. Florian's contribution to this event was regarded by all as one of the determining factors of success.

Timo Buetefisch, CEO

Florian has helped me become a better communicator on my climb with him to "the mountain without a peak". In my job I communicate more than 90% of the time, so his mentoring has an extremely high impact. I don't know any trainer with more energy.

Georg Hesse, Former CEO

Trainings with Flo Mueck are special. Many of my team came back from the session saying that it had been the best training of their life. Personally, I've taken away some general rules and key statements that have really stuck and that help me communicate better every week.

Natalija Hellesoe, Former Manager People Development & Training

Two days full of energy is the best description I can think of. Florian's brutal but charming honesty secured a steep learning curve without ever taking it too far. I have rarely seen people opening up and experimenting this much in a two day training and that made the time invested even more valuable. To me, the personal way of teaching and the opportunity for the participants to show emotions, share stories and connect is yet another benefit of the training. That way we really got to know each other and whenever I see one of my fellow companions at work, I just have to smile.

Alvaro Duarte, Former Head of Studio

I've seen individuals opening up like they never did before, and literally transform in two days. And with all the groups our company sent it was always the same story. Thanks to Florian's authenticity, energy, and passion to make people better, it constantly results in the same conclusions: "Amazing!", "Incredible!", "Awesome!", "I will use the training for all my life!".

Andrea Haug, Former Senior Organization Development & Learning Manager

Florian is an extraordinary speaker who energized all our 120 managers during his speech within our Danone Leadership Summit! Although he explained to us in a very convincing way that an audience normally stops paying attention after 8 seconds, we all were magnetized until the very last second! He´s a great, funny, spontaneous and entertaining guy - thank you very much for being with us!

Juan Ignacio Cantarero, Executive MBA Section Director

After several years of sharing experiences with Florian, I’ve learned that he’s one of those people able to create the right environment to make you act, to get you to the start line and to make you face your limits. Moreover, he provides the right feedback to make you interiorize what you experienced. It’s not only about fun or excitement; it’s about changing and keeping that change with you. Thanks Florian for all your effort and great advice. This year at IESE has been another new wonderful experience.

Rob Tautges, Former CEO

Florian struck a very important chord at our international conference. Accountants have great messages to deliver and simply need the confidence, enthusiasm and comfort being slightly outrageous to make a difference through informing, motivating and entertaining our audience. Thank you Florian for sharing your contagious enthusiasm for public speaking through your inspiring presentations and discussions!

Amalia Santos, Former HR Project Manager

In Panasonic we are passionate about innovation… That is why we loved Florian's seminars. He surprised us all with his endless positive energy, his unusual teaching methods, his passion and wide experience in public speaking. Florian pushed us all way out of our comfort zone in a very gentle way. His positive, constructive feedback was so precise and so powerful (even without a video camera!) that we will remember this seminar forever. Thank you very much for a great experience.

Rolf Strotmann, Regional Sales Coach

Florian radiates an incredible energy. An energy that lets people, who are about to collapse from stage-fright, release their hand brake and speak up. A contagious energy that makes seminar participants prepare their following speeches with eagerness. An energy that infected all of us and let us experience a fantastic development within those two training days. We experienced two very special days with very special speeches and four "crazy" final presentations. Thanks!

Francisco Gaudier, President

The unexpected experiment of going through two days of emotions, joy and lots of laughter with people I had never seen before and the leadership shown by Florian in the whole process was among the most thrilling moments I had in 2017! I will never be able to thank Florian enough for it.

Peter Kraus vom Cleff, Managing Director

Two very good educational and inspiring days. Florian is pleasantly “crazy”; he’s highly competent and knows how to motivate and energize all seminar participants. Great guy, great training - Thank you!

Nicole McPeanne, Former People Director

Florian surprised us all. As a group of seasoned teachers and highly experienced trainers, we were a tough crowd to convince. I don’t think Florian knew what he was getting himself into! His style was electric and disruptive, immediately surprising us and taking us out of our comfort zones. What’s surprising is the collective and overall impact those 2 days (2 DAYS! Not 2 months or 2 years) can have on a bunch of seriously proficient professionals. I can only describe it as pure magic. We came away a stronger team with a new and fresh slant to our presentation skills. We learned that less is more and were able to immediately apply our new found approach to presenting in our annual global conference, which turned out to be the best one we ever had.

Jan-Philipp Ruske, IT Product Owner

I had already attended several communication trainings where I always learned something. But the learning experience with Florian topped it all! He helped us with clear techniques and ideas on how to revolutionize our public speaking and to rethink what we considered “good communication”. The whole training is based on practical exercises and you can feel your progress directly on the spot. I can highly recommend Florian’s training.

Sergi Guillot, Former CEO, Current CEO at Prensa Ibérica

Everything is communication; public speaking is just an excuse. Learning how to communicate and persuade is part of the essence of everything we do every day. The training with Florian turned out to be the most transformational experience we have had in Acceso. We cried, we laughed, we learned - in the end, we put in practice the wisdom of Aristotle. Having Florian with us meant a before and an after for us at Acceso.

Roland Spiegel, General Manager

We were and we are inspired by Florian’s perpetual presence from beginning to end. We are inspired by his enthusiasm and his unconditional emotional and personal involvement with every single one of us. We are inspired by Florian’s seemingly endless positive energy which drove us to do unimaginable things. Technically and humanely outstanding – Florian made us all gain more authority, more credibility and more self-confidence. In the name of our entire management team I’d like to thank Florian for a seminar experience which was extraordinary in every sense.

Dr. Jörg Zätzsch, Partner

To describe Florian’s workshops as “speech seminars” would be a misleading understatement. In Barcelona we did not only improve our public speaking skills, but experienced two days full of positive thinking and energy. Definitely the best seminar I ever attended. Needless to say: Barcelona as a venue is a total fit!

Luca Criscuolo, Former Head of Product and Delivery

Florian's training is an experience that changes the way you perceive yourself on stage. I used his structure and techniques in a presentation at the largest conference on product management in Europe. The result exceeded any expectations! A dozen people lined up for questions after the talk, and I received congratulations via LinkedIn for a few days after the event. Thanks Flo!

Sami Awad-Hartmann, CIO

Wow, what an experience! The two days with Florian have been a real game-changer for me. Florian not only has incredible know-how but also a charming manner that knocked us all off our feet. The examples were so apt that I kept thinking about them for days. The tips? Worth their weight in gold! I received so many practical pieces of advice that I could immediately incorporate into my daily routine. And the best part: It was a lot of fun! Time flew by, and I enjoyed every minute. For anyone who wants to take their communication skills to the next level – this training is a must. Thumbs up and a huge thank you to Florian for the best rhetoric training I have ever experienced.

Daniel Braun, COO

It was gigantic, many thanks! As always, you have caused greatness. The team is more than inspired!

Regina Skeete, Software Sales Enablement Manager

Being part of the open 2-day Charisma Booster session, was magnificent! I experienced and found new ways to express myself and to communicate with others. This was a fun and inspirational session, full of energy, stories and ideas ready to be used.

Narcisa Camarasoiu, Head of Activation Team Romania-Bulgaria-Hungary-Moldavia

Two magical days, full, intense, with mixed emotions, but the most effective days spent. With his positive and effervescent way Florian managed to make me cry, laugh and learn a lot and with pleasure, and have fun with my colleagues and know them better. Thanks to Flo, I will have the same passionate speeches but much more structured, well prepared in advance, spiced up with stories and humor. And the presentations will finally have a lot of “power in the point”. Flo is not a trainer, he is THE trainer!

Antje Staffa, Global Head of HR

We really enjoyed our online training session with Flo – with all the challenges, with all the "Greek things" we learned, with all the new sides we got to know about each other in our Global HR team. With his seemingly endless energy, his humor, his authentic stories, and his examples, he kept us engaged and motivated on our screens. If you want to explore the tools of the art of rhetoric and, at the same time, grow as a team, book Flo. We will definitely continue our journey with him.

Wolfram „Oscar“ Aichner, Head of Marketing

This is more! Two days with seven colleagues and one crazy dude. Even online captivating and entertaining. We are looking forward to a live experience in Barcelona! #listentoyourheart

Nadin Buschhaus, Owner

The name of our German event agency stands for the best speakers in the respective topic. Being a speaker at SPRECHERHAUS® is also a trademark. But since 2020, the greatest ability of a top speaker has been to create the same attraction on the screen as on live stages. Florian succeeds like no other! When he is in front of a camera, the viewer lacks nothing to be addressed - with all of their senses. Livestream events with Florian are a guarantee of success!

Fernando Benito, CEO

An inspiring two-day training where Flo masterfully teaches rhetorical skills as we improve our team dynamics. Fully recommended!

Jenny Simon, Head of Accounting

Charismatic, more charismatic, Florian! Another two unbelievable days full of energy, laughing, learning and leaving our comfort zone are over. Florian did this magical transformation from the offline to the online world without losing any quality in his coaching. We were curios, worked 8h a day with him, fully concentrated, in times of Corona. We learned so many new things for our personal and business life. I can absolutely recommend Florian to anyone who wants to know how you really can talk to people by using his great tools and tips and techniques. Go for his trainings – you will love it!! For me, Florian is the best coach I have ever worked with.

Oriol Vila, Former CEO

It's really hard to have 99,9% of your participants from Holaluz really happy after working with Florian. But he achieves this training after training! #EsPosible

It's hard to repeat, and repeat, and repeat the same training, and doing every time with even more passion and energy. Flo doesn't stop!! #KeepRowing

It's not an easy thing to work with such a different group of persons, and adapting yourself to each of them. You need to really care about people #AlwaysPeopleFirst

At Holaluz, people are waiting for their turn to work with Florian because all their mates told them how incredible he is. He was born for this! #SayThingsAsTheyAre

And finally, learning while having fun is the most powerful way I know for growing #HaveFun

Flo is 100% aligned with our Holaluz values. And it's an authentic pleasure having him as part of our team!!

Davide Campi, Former Marketing Director Iberia

The impact that the training had on our group's public speaking skills is simply amazing! Florian creates an energetic and positive environment where participants feel confident to stretch their limits and challenge themselves. I was surprised to experience how a training that I expected to be quite “technical” resulted in a very emotional one, that helped to strengthen the boundaries within the team and get to know each other at a deeper level. Thanks Florian for a very inspiring day, the whole team is enthusiastic about it!

Maša Schmidt, Head of Marketing Germany

There are training courses like a dime a dozen. Flo Mueck, however, takes training to a new level. They are not only rhetorical insights and charisma boosters, but, at the same time, the portal to a joint team journey that brings the team together. The perfect match of personal development and team growth.

Thomas Kombrecht, Former Product Marketing Manager

After 5 seconds we were surprised. After 60 seconds we were hooked. After 5 minutes we put down our smart phones. Florian's vibrant personality and exciting content impressed us. He's empathetic, competent, concrete and authentic - a true top speaker!

Eric Bowman, CTO

Florian is a spectacular speech trainer. He is a master of the material, extremely good at bringing out the best in people and getting them to confront their own inhibitions, and incredibly funny and engaging and utterly effective. I was sad to see the second day end, but I have been enjoying the outcome of his training on me and my colleagues ever since. Highly recommended!

Stavros Karydas, Senior Project Manager

Without exaggeration, this was one of the most meaningful trainings I had in a long time - and it was online! Great job, big thank you for the energy and the ideas you shared.

Olaf Christiansen, Former Executive VP Human Resources

We had two days with Flo – and they were amazing, entertaining, exceptional, emotional, passionate and outside my comfort zone … BRILLIANT! This was definitely the best training I ever had in my professional career. Thank you so much.

Max Steinhoff, Co-Founder

Flo's Charisma Booster in a nutshell: Two truly exhausting but amazing days and definitely not your typical public speaking course! Florian has such a unique way to inspire a real passion for speaking. The training was super entertaining and, surprisingly, deeply emotional.

Mireya Mores, Corporate HR Manager

Flo gave us a high value opportunity to grow as persons and professionals. He creates a demanding and, at the same time super funny environment where he infects everyone with his enthusiasm and his conviction. Thank you, for showing us the reality of that mountain without a peak, which is our own growth and help us climb higher. Thank you for your great gift!!!

Violet Klorer, Senior Tech Account Manager

Looking for your voice? You're in the right place. I spent 3 days with Florian for his Charisma Booster Training. My goal was to at least slightly reduce my social anxiety and utterly crippling stage fight. Training with Flo was incredibly personal, uncomfortable, emotional, REAL and at times... kind of scary. You will be hoisted into the spotlight, whether you like it or not, repeatedly - and - you WILL be judged. It is truly intense. But Flo makes no mystery of this. He'll tell you himself: "There is no growth without suffering". Yes. I suffered. Guess what? IT FELT FANTASTIC. I would do it again and recommend it to every human I know. He equipped me with exactly what I need to evolve. Without even knowing that it's happening, by the end of his charisma course, you will do things you never dreamed you could and unveil superpowers you had not previously realized. You will identify and destroy your own kryptonite (aka weaknesses). I am forever changed, excited about my future, and for the first time in my life, I can say that my stage fright is not going to be my kryptonite anymore. Thank you for changing my life, Jedi Master Flo!

Maximilian Viessmann, Group CEO

Florian has brought back the PATHOS in my public speaking, enabling me to lead a 12,000 people family business into the next century!

Christin Kiessling, Head of Direct Sales

Two very inspiring, emotional, and challenging days. Thank you for that, Flo. It was a true celebration of logos, ethos, and pathos.

Markus Viering, Managing Partner

Thank you so much for all the impressions, the content, the energy and, of course, the fun we had together. These two days helped our leadership team to close ranks even more. Simply amazing!

Christopher Ratsch, Member of the Board

Flo's feedback approach of PLUS and PLUSPLUS has transformed both the mindset and attitude of my team and reformed our way of working.

Susana Jordà, Accounting & Treasury Manager

Florian is a great inspirer who’s able to inject self-confidence in a matter of hours. His passion, energy and professionalism take you on an exciting, and at the same time fearful journey to the core of your deepest insecurities. I could’ve never imagined that a day with Florian would awaken in me the curiosity to overcome one of my biggest weaknesses, my fear of the audience. I’m convinced that we’ll take the chance to apply Florian’s techniques and advice in any given future rhetorical moment.

Ana Karina Grønneberg, Senior Talent Partner

Flo's training... I can't express enough how fantastic the experience was. The training was truly eye-opening and completely exceeded our expectations. Flo's teaching methodology is unique and highly effective, utilizing practical exercises and incredibly constructive feedback sessions. His infectious passion and energy make the entire training experience highly immersive and engaging. One of the most unexpected benefits of the training was the strong bond formed among us! We supported and encouraged each other to overcome our fears and improve our public speaking skills as a team. Flo's ability to create a positive and collaborative learning environment set the stage for creating a genuinely magical experience!

Kathrin Sauter, VP Corporate Marketing & Communications

Imagine you're sitting in a room with a group of communication experts and all you hear is silence... That might come across as strange because communication people usually love to chatter. But what if I tell you it was “fascinated silence”. You never heard of that expression? Me neither. But during our two-day charisma-boosting session with Flo, I had the pleasure to experience this unfamiliar “sound” several times. Working with Flo is an absolute pleasure! The way he trains you in the magical art of public speaking and brings it to life is unique. When Flo sends and receives and transmits information with all his senses, no one in the room has a chance not to be focused. In a training, it's normal that you lose concentration after a while and your thoughts start to take little excursions to somewhere else, right? NOT A SINGLE CHANCE! The moment you enter the room with Flo, you're there – climbing your way up that mountain without a peak. A great experience that I can only recommend! I'll definitely be back with my team for round number two.