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Hey there! My name is Florian, but everyone calls me ‘Flo’. My clients, my brand buddies, consider me a European expert on rhetoric and charisma.

Back in 2009, I was facing financial ruin and had to turn my greatest passion – public speaking – into a profession. Ever since, I have had the privilege of training tons of individuals, many of whom have given me the ultimate compliment: “You’re the Jim Carrey of public speaking coaches!” I am thrilled to hear this, but I want you to know that public speaking is just one aspect of what I do.

My real goal is to help you transform yourself. Public speaking is merely the tool I use to help you achieve this transformation. By utilizing a wide range of techniques, from structure to storytelling, you will become a powerhouse of persuasion, gaining more self-confidence, authenticity, and charisma. Ultimately, the output of our work together will be your personal and professional growth.

All programs are available in English, Spanish, and German language – both offline and online.

But – before we talk, I invite you to take three steps.

If you still feel like talking to me after that, contact me anytime.

Cheerio and keep changing the world!

What’s New?

Rock ‘n’ Rhetoric in Dresden

November 2023. On November 16th, 2023, I was invited to the beautiful city of Dresden to speak about the scientific art of rhetoric as part of the speakers series ERFOLGSMACHER 2023 (success enablers). Organized by DDV Media and Sprecherhaus, this series comprises eight evenings with top speakers on diverse topics of personal growth. The challenge: 90 minutes, no break. Challenge accepted! We ‘danced’ rock ‘n’ rhetoric for 91 minutes.

We Started to Ignite Their Superpower of Rhetoric

November 2023. A great two days with my fellow rhetorical warrior, John Zimmer. We were at the Intel Ignite Europe Accelerator in Munich working with the great team from Intel Corporation — Markus Bohl, Kate Hach, Alois Eder, and Martha Ivanovas — and the teams from ten dynamic companies. These companies are doing some incredible things that you will be hearing about in the not-too-distant future. What seemed impossible a few years ago will soon be reality and it is mind-blowing stuff. Always exciting to work with people who are working on exciting things!

Other Leaders Call Me for Four Reasons


Rhetoric forms the essence of my role as a corporate trainer and keynote speaker. Aristotle remains my guiding light even beyond his time. The power you have as a speaker is to persuade others and move them to action. And really, who doesn’t need this power? Persuasion is omnipresent in the business world. In my sessions, your people hone their rhetorical skills through public speaking. From structure to storytelling – your people learn how to shine on stage and screen.


Taming that beast of public speaking, your people also gain more and more self-confidence, authority, in the end, charisma. One charisma booster stands out in my sessions: vulnerability. Many people, in the past, have opened up in front of their colleagues more than they had ever done before. They feel the power of human connection. This particular exercise is sponsored by Kleenex.


Christopher Ratsch, Member of the Board of Mast-Jägermeister, said, “Flo’s feedback approach of PLUS and PLUSPLUS has transformed both the mindset and attitude of my team and reformed our way of working.” Feedback, for me, is by far the biggest growth booster for your people. In my sessions, negative feedback is completely forbidden. Only positive, only constructive. Several brand buddies have confirmed the massive impact on team effectiveness, once they embrace the PLUS and PLUSPLUS mindset.


The fourth big benefit for you is a collateral benefit. Teams of six to ten people delve, for two days, into a charisma-boosting world where colleagues show their most humane side. They don’t hide their emotions, they show their vulnerability and their imperfections. On top, there is also constant mutual support through positive and constructive feedback. How can you not grow together as a team?

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“Public speaking is a mountain without a peak.”


Choose Your Favorite Charisma Boosting Option

My signature training for corporates. We dedicate two full days to the scientific art of persuasive communication. Groups of 6 to 10 learn by doing and give and receive tons of positive and constructive feedback.

For those who cannot get enough… Part 2. More charisma boosting, more training, more feedback.

Push Your Pitch, the online course is a powerhouse of rhetoric for anyone who wants to sell an idea. In a 7+1-step process, you will build a rock-solid pitch for your idea.

Also consider booking the one-on-one Push Your Pitch service, where we work together for four hours to prepare for your upcoming speech or presentation. I’ll guide you step-by-step through the preparation process. As a result, you will have tackled the following challenges: audience-speaker-subject, objective, message, relevance, and structure. On top, you will receive valuable tips on memorable content.

“Florian inspired our top leaders with his high energy and reflections on leadership and change – a highlight of our leadership conference!” — Volker Zöller, President Consumer Goods, Essity. More info.

Collaborating with an amazing assembly of fellow speakers and trainers, we can create tailor-made multiple coach formats for individual training needs.

Viessmann, CMS, Bofrost*, and other esteemed companies chose Barcelona for a unique training and team-building experience. The feedback was outstanding, and based on this success, I’m excited to announce the expansion of inbound training sessions in Barcelona in 2024. More info.

How are you currently conveying your corporate culture? And if you’re doing it successfully, are you selecting the right messages and channels? Are you winning the battle for Gen Z? Truly? Since 2017, I’ve had the privilege of knowing one of the world’s most effective online marketing gurus, Chris Erthel. Chris is a powerhouse in navigating Meta, Facebook, Insta & Co. By partnering with Chris and you, we can not only define your higher purpose and actionable values but also ensure that you communicate them in the most impactful ways possible. More info.

Made For You: Open Sessions

BUFFALO RETREAT, 6-9 May 2024, Sitges (Barcelona)

Cows flee from storms, intensifying their pain, while buffalos charge into the storm. Which are you—a cow or a buffalo? Conor Neill and I, seasoned collaborators in leadership and charismatic communication, have dedicated over a decade to our shared pursuit. Our mission: to forge a painful pilgrimage of personal growth for people who go all in. Now, we combine our rhetorical prowess, delivering an unparalleled leadership boot camp in a distinctive setting near Barcelona. Welcome to the Buffalo Retreat, where transformation awaits. More info.


Now What?

As a big fan of Pixar’s classic movie ‘Finding Nemo’, I often find myself reflecting on the last scene where the group of fish and starfish finally make it to freedom. All in their plastic bags, they joyfully splash into the harbor water, but their excitement is quickly replaced by a question: “Now what?” This same question may be on your mind after experiencing one or two of my Charisma Boosters. However, I have good news – your growth journey doesn’t have to end there.

Safe. Impactful. Meaningful… Badass Teams™

Once your team members have improved their communication skills through my program(s), my friend and collaborator Tobias Rodrigues can take things to the next level. Tobias, a former priest, is an acclaimed expert in conflict resolution and emotional intelligence, with a unique blend of intellectual depth and an empathetic personality. His expertise in philosophy, theology, and philology, combined with his international background (Canadian-Portuguese), make him a one-of-a-kind resource for improving team dynamics.

Our communication-collaboration tandem is particularly effective because we both employ the PLUS-PLUSPLUS approach to feedback. With Tobias, your team members will benefit from the same safe space that they experienced during my session(s).

With Tobias on your team, you can expect to see your collaboration skills and teamwork soar to new heights. So, ask yourself “Now what?” and take the next step towards building a stronger, more cohesive team – a badass team.

Drop me a note, and with pleasure, I will introduce you to Tobi.


Professional Impressions


Are You Looking for a Keynote Speaker for Your Event?

A keynote speaker sets the tone for your entire event. Organizers of corporate events want to make sure that they hire an excellent keynote speaker.

And yes, there are options.

Mount Everest runners? Nice. Former presidents? Cool. A super high-ticket celebrity? Wow!

But – are they really relatable for their audience? Can those speakers really make a lasting impact on their audience? And are they excellent speakers in the first place?

At KEYNOTE BOUTIQUE You Find Entertaining Experts Only.

Since 2009 I have been an international speaker and public speaking coach myself. At the Keynote Boutique, we have carefully curated this exclusive selection of entertaining experts. Entertaining experts who will challenge you and the ways you run your business.

A keynote speaker who doesn’t challenge you is like going to the gym without exercising.

My team and I are looking forward to having a first productive chat with you.

For more information, click on the image below.


“Is there growth without suffering?”


A Selection of Happy Brand Buddies

Activision Blizzard
Advantage Austria
Baker Tilly
Caixa Capital Risc
Chupa Chups
Deutsche Bank
Elia Group
El Periódico
Entrepreneurs’ Organization
Henkell Freixenet
Houlihan Lokey
HPM – Die Handwerksgruppe
Koenig & Bauer
Mann + Hummel
Morison KSi
Motel One
Nous Cims
One Box
PEPE Jeans
Prensa Iberica
Rosental Organics
VNR Verlag
Wall Street English

Charisma Boosted: Testimonials from the Pros


“Do you know the Bell Curve of perception?”


Play The World’s First Public Speaking Game

Public speaking. The mere thought of it can set hearts pounding! And yet, being able to communicate one’s ideas in public is an important and sought-after skill. Rhetoric–The Public Speaking Game™ will help you become a better speaker and have fun in the process!

RHETORIC will challenge, engage and entertain you with a series of public speaking tasks. You and your fellow players will step onto the stage and take turns delivering a series of short speeches, as determined by the squares on which you land.

For the past few years, people around the world have played the board game version RHETORIC in companies, organizations and homes. RHETORIC is now available as an app. For more info go to rhetoricgame.com.

Download the App

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Only for Rhetorical Geeks: Rhetoric Wear

Get your rhetorical t-shirts and more now.

You can choose from dozens of rhetorical slogans.

Rhetoric Wear – Where Rhetoric Comes Alive

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Are You Scared of Giving a Wedding Speech?

For many people, public speaking is a big challenge. And when you have to speak about someone you love, the challenge is even bigger. Welcome to the wedding speech!

Delivering a speech at a loved one’s wedding is an honor. You should do it justice. And you can!

This course will ensure that your wedding speech is moving and memorable. In four simple steps, you will build a terrific speech. You will know what to say and how to say it.

And they will love it!

In this online course you will learn how to

  • structure and build your wedding speech.
  • fill the structure with entertaining content – humorous, emotional, memorable.
  • perform your wedding speech with more impact thanks to concrete tips and techniques for a more powerful delivery.

Finally, I Love Writing About Public Speaking & Co.

Together with my co-authors Alexander Lang, a three-decade sales and systemic coach, and Tobias Rodrigues, badass team builder and former priest, I’m currently working on book #6. ‘The Speech That Changed the Forest’ is an inspiring fable, a metaphoric tale about the scientific art of rhetoric.


In March 2020, I published my fifth book. It is made for digital and is available exclusively as an eBook version. 102 visual tips, 63 public speaking challenges, and tons of personal anecdotes and lessons learned – this book is edutainment as good as it gets.

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In 2017, again in German language, I published this guide to visual presentations together with my friend and fellow speaker and blogger John Zimmer. It combines practical tips and experiences with technical insights.

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In 2016 I published this one in German language. It‘s a mix of the first two books plus numerous new insights and ideas. A complete guide to public speaking and persuasion.

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The second book from 2013. A great read especially for Toastmasters who want to upscale their evaluation skills. Focusing on content, delivery and slides, it offers 108 ideas for better speaking.

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The first book from 2010. A short and intense read. Great for beginners – it covers 15 steps to becoming an even more inspiring speaker.

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