So many training participants have told me the coolest thing ever: “Florian, you are the Jim Carrey of public speaking coaches.” I love it! But public speaking is only part of my work. Your benefit is the transformation you experience. Public speaking is the vehicle, but transformation–more self-confidence; more emotion; more vulnerability, more authenticity, more charisma–is the destination. In the end, you grow in a way you never imagined. Just like Jim did all his life.

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Together with amazing growth experts like Conor Neill, Olivia Schofield, John Zimmer or Tobias Rodrigues, I can co-create with you course formats you couldn’t buy anywhere else – probably. For up to 150 participants! Only one challenge: our agendas. This requires time. The following annual event is a good example. One of my absolute highlights every year.


From 8-12 April 2019, Conor Neill, John Zimmer, Tobias Rodrigues, Tony Anagor, and I, once again, had the enormous pleasure and honor to work with 116 Executive MBAs at the top business school IESE in Barcelona. In the big room and in the small rooms we witnessed them face their fears and grow beyond their expectations. The cows turned into buffaloes.



On 6 May 2019, I performed the 90-minute version of my keynote speech “Der Ball muss rein” (The ball must go in), in the picturesque town of Muenster in Germany. Approx. 200 people attended this public event organized by Sprecherhaus and Westfaelische Nachrichten. Here you can read the article in German.


Join the 8th edition of the incomparable Spectacular Speaking series. Embark on an unforgettable journey that will transform your communication skills. Two days of intense training with four of the best trainers in the business. Breakout sessions offer multiple opportunities to deliver, get positive and constructive feedback, and redeliver.


On 30-31 May, in cooperation with my fellow growth monsters, Conor Neill, Tobias Rodrigues, and Nando from alwayspeoplefirst.es, we will impart the third and last round of leadership training for an amazing client. Who? One of the world’s leading discounters. Again, 60 leaders will embark on a not so joyful journey of growth. But since when has there been growth without suffering? The hero is always the outcome, never the beginning.


On 6-7 June 2019, you will have one of the few chances to attend one of my open public speaking trainings in Barcelona. The training is limited to eight participants max and will be held in English language. Right now, six brave warriors of change have signed up. It’s getting tight. More info.


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The Charisma Booster is back in Barcelona in June 2019. Boost your public speaking skills; boost your persuasive power; boost your charisma! Sign up today for two days of personal mega growth. For more information click here.

Join the 8th edition of the incomparable Spectacular Speaking series. Embark on an unforgettable journey that will transform your communication and leadership skills. Two days of intense training with four of the best trainers in the business. Breakout sessions offer multiple opportunities to deliver, get positive and constructive feedback, and redeliver. Here you can see and feel what Spectacular Speaking means to me.

What to do after the Oktoberfest is over…?? My friends from RTC.Akademie offer you the Charisma Booster 1 in Munich. This training is open and in German language. But better be fast – seats are disappearing like Oktoberfest beer… More info.








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It Is Your Choice

I am guilty. You can point your finger at me. I do it too. I also talk about others. Talking about others must be a big part of our DNA. And no wonder. Imagine those days in those caves. No opera, no Netflix, no Barça games. Only some lame wall paintings. Stories told at the fireplace must have been the highlight of the day. And stories have always circled around characters. Let’s face it: We love to talk about others. But - is talking about others the only thing I can talk about? Or, even deeper: Has talking about others ever helped me to become a better person myself? Rhetorical questions need no answer. Since I started my professional speaking career in 2009, the group of people I spend most time with has morphed into a group of friends who are passionate about personal growth. Personal growth, by definition, cannot be a superficial topic. Personal growth forces you to know

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The Birth Of A New Charisma Driver

Benjamin is this tall rock with this big heart. The co-CEO of the digital arm of a leading German media and publishing group knows everything about the future of newspapers. It happened during the Charisma Booster 2 training on a cold and snowy day in Munich on January 15, 2019. On that day a new charisma driver was born. They had 11 minutes to come up with 11 charisma drivers that are not innate. Benjamin's group was first. The two of them positioned themselves in front of our half circle. They presented usual suspects like voice, body language, smile, humor, competence, ... I had heard them so many times. But then it was Benjamin's turn again. On his white flash card he had scribbled down a word I had never heard before in this exercise. He ejected the word with gravitas: Holistic. For Benjamin and his colleague Gina, the newsletter expert, charismatic communicators have the ability to connect with anyone,

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Is The Natural Communicator A Myth?

But, Florian, some people just have it; they are natural communicators! How many times have I heard this. What about you? Do you believe the myth of the natural communicator? I don’t... really. Or, at least, I have my own point of view. In the end, it is a more than complex subject. Yes, there are those characters in life. Take Steffen. Steffen, this blue-eyed Franconian with loose blond hair, is one of my oldest friends. We went to high school together. We played our first drinking games together. We’ve known each other for ages. And Steffen is this kind of guy many people would consider a natural communicator. He has always been likably loud. He laughs while he talks. He takes control of any table discussion. He is a strong positive character, who loves to be the leader of the pack. I have worked with thousands of characters in my public speaking and charisma trainings. The introverted pessimists –

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Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game

Public speaking. The mere thought of it can set hearts pounding! And yet, being able to communicate one’s ideas in public is an important and sought-after skill. Rhetoric–The Public Speaking Game™ will help you become a better speaker and have fun in the process!

RHETORIC will challenge, engage and entertain you with a series of public speaking tasks. You and your fellow players will step onto the stage and take turns delivering a series of short speeches, as determined by the squares on which you land.

For the past few years, people around the world have played the board game version RHETORIC in companies, organizations and homes. RHETORIC is now available as an app. For more info go to rhetoricgame.com.

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Wedding Speech Designer

For many people, public speaking is a big challenge. And when you have to speak about someone you love, the challenge is even bigger. Welcome to the wedding speech!

Delivering a speech at a loved one’s wedding is an honor. You should do it justice. And you can!

This course will ensure that your wedding speech is moving and memorable. In four simple steps, you will build a terrific speech. You will know what to say and how to say it.

And they will love it!

In this online course you will learn how to

  • structure and build your wedding speech.
  • fill the structure with entertaining content – humorous, emotional, memorable.
  • perform your wedding speech with more impact thanks to concrete tips and techniques for a more powerful delivery.


The first book from 2010. A short and intense read. Great for beginners – it covers 15 steps to becoming an even more inspiring speaker.

Buy on Amazon.

The second book from 2013. A great read especially for Toastmasters who want to upscale their evaluation skills. Focusing on content, delivery and slides, it offers 108 ideas for better speaking.

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In 2016 I published this one in German language. It‘s a mix of the first two books plus numerous new insights and ideas. A complete guide to public speaking and persuasion.

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In 2017, again in German language, I published this guide to visual presentations together with my friend and fellow speaker and blogger John Zimmer. It combines practical tips and experiences with technical insights.

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