As a big fan of Pixar’s classic movie ‘Finding Nemo’, I often find myself reflecting on the last scene where the group of fish and starfish finally make it to freedom. All in their plastic bags, they joyfully splash into the harbor water, but their excitement is quickly replaced by a question: “Now what?” This same question may be on your mind after experiencing one or two of my Charisma Boosters. However, I have good news – your growth journey doesn’t have to end there.

Safe. Impactful. Meaningful… Badass Teams™

Once your team members have improved their communication skills through my program(s), my friend and collaborator Tobias Rodrigues can take things to the next level. Tobias, a former priest, is an acclaimed expert in conflict resolution and emotional intelligence, with a unique blend of intellectual depth and an empathetic personality. His expertise in philosophy, theology, and philology, combined with his international background (Canadian-Portuguese), make him a one-of-a-kind resource for improving team dynamics.

Our communication-collaboration tandem is particularly effective because we both employ the PLUS-PLUSPLUS approach to feedback. With Tobias, your team members will benefit from the same safe space that they experienced during my session(s).

With Tobias on your team, you can expect to see your collaboration skills and teamwork soar to new heights. So, ask yourself “Now what?” and take the next step towards building a stronger, more cohesive team – a badass team.

Drop me a note, and with pleasure, I will introduce you to Tobi.