March 24, 2022 fm

Violet Klorer, Senior Tech Account Manager

Looking for your voice? You're in the right place. I spent 3 days with Florian for his Charisma Booster Training. My goal was to at least slightly reduce my social anxiety and utterly crippling stage fight. Training with Flo was incredibly personal, uncomfortable, emotional, REAL and at times... kind of scary. You will be hoisted into the spotlight, whether you like it or not, repeatedly - and - you WILL be judged. It is truly intense. But Flo makes no mystery of this. He'll tell you himself: "There is no growth without suffering". Yes. I suffered. Guess what? IT FELT FANTASTIC. I would do it again and recommend it to every human I know. He equipped me with exactly what I need to evolve. Without even knowing that it's happening, by the end of his charisma course, you will do things you never dreamed you could and unveil superpowers you had not previously realized. You will identify and destroy your own kryptonite (aka weaknesses). I am forever changed, excited about my future, and for the first time in my life, I can say that my stage fright is not going to be my kryptonite anymore. Thank you for changing my life, Jedi Master Flo!