Experience-driven, practical, to the point – The Seven Minute Star is your entertaining guide to becoming a great speaker! Whatever your profession may be, these 15 steps will propel you up the stairs where you’ll find your seven minutes of glory – on stage:

You will release your hand brake. You will be as translucent as ice-cold water. You will surprise your audience. You will look deeply into their eyes. You will set your voice free. You will make your body talk. You will explore the power of 3D. You will learn how to create any speech in just ten minutes. You will arm yourself with rhetorical weapons. You will tell your own stories. You will borrow credibility without being a thief. You will make your audience laugh. You will be more enthusiastic than Michael Jordan. You will engage your audience and express yourself with passion. And, most importantly, you will rediscover your smile!

Where can I buy The Seven Minute Star?

The PRINT VERSION is available at the following Amazon sites:


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Roland Spiegel, Residence Manager, Mercure Hotel Neuperlach Sued,  Munich

“I attended a seminar on rhetoric and public speaking with the author Florian Mueck and was thrilled. Then I recommended this book to my wife. She gave a presentation at the Spring Convention of her company in front of 50 business partners – this time in a very different and remarkable style. Her boss and the audience were amazed. Many thanks to Florian Mueck!”

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