The Seven Minute Star


Artchimboldi, Barcelona

Public speaking can be creativity, energy, challenge, inspiration, fun. In 48 hours you change your perception about public speaking – completely. In just two days, you gain tons of self-confidence and tremendously improve your communication skills.

This training is offered as a one-day or two-day version. In one day participants get better; in two days they change.

DAY ONE GOODBYE FEAR – Day one focuses on learning by doing, stepping into a bigger comfort zone and practical tips, tricks and tools. You learn how to communicate with more persuasive power; you learn how to be more memorable. You give two speeches, you receive extensive feedback – only positive and constructive – and you give feedback to your fellow trainees. You also receive a tool for building any speech or presentation in four simple steps and in no time. Additionally, Florian takes you by the hand and leads you up those 15 steps from wherever you are to your stage of glory. Self-confidence, transparency, first sentence, structure, rhetorical devices, quotes, stories, visual aids, eye contact, body language, voice, humor, passion, enthusiasm, smile – those 15 steps, inevitably, turn you into The Seven Minute Star.

DAY TWO WELCOME FUN – The morning session is dedicated to business presentations with slides – again accompanied by extensive evaluation rounds. With all the knowledge of day one you face a humongous challenge: how to add power to your point with PowerPoint. The training climaxes in a creative and fun group exercise, “Selling a fantastic idea”. The constant positive and constructive feedback by all team members turns the seminar into an incubator of personal change. By the end of day two, public speaking has turned into creativity, energy, challenge, inspiration and… fun. From fear to fun in 48 hours – a promise maintained.

Facts and Figures

Trainer: Florian Mueck

Number of participants: 6 to 10

Venue: Organized by client. An exciting option: Trainings in Barcelona

Duration: Two days, 18h

Languages: English, Spanish, German

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