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Public Speaking At A Glance

[FYI. This design is obsolete. It will be replaced and updated soon.]

I created a one-pager for you covering all those aspects that make public speaking a true art.

HERE you can download the PDF version for free.

If you do so, please leave a short comment below. Very much appreciated.

Further reading on this subject you find in my books (see Home).

.* More information on starred aspects:

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  1. Padmakumar

    Nice summarization. Thank you for putting this together and sharing it with us.

  2. Robert

    Florian, good stuff. It is like having a summary from CC manual at Toastmaster but everything easier and faster to remember. Great tool! Thank you for sharing it.

    • Olivia, it’s like driving a car. At the beginning it was a nightmare (at least for me; and in Europe gearshift is more common). Today I drive down the highway and I don’t even think about the brakes, the gas pedal, the turn signals, … Same with public speaking! You’ll rock the stage soon!!

  3. gunther

    Great summary. When I was trying to memorize your tips and advice in your PlusPlus Book, I also tried to do it this way. But it was far too much data to process. Now I have your one-pager and it will help me to recall whenever I need to, your valuable PlusPlus-Book examples.

  4. Andrew Margrave

    Fine diagram. But don’t leave out clothing. It will not do to go up on stage looking like a bum.

    • Hey Andrew, thanks for your comment! I think style is something very personal. Didn’t Gandhi wear a toga? And didn’t the British consider him a bum? In business they say that suit and tie is a must, while I – now as a pro speaker – would never ever wear a tie again in my life when I speak. A tie for me creates subconscious distance. A quite personal point of view, I know. In my upcoming book on “the charismatic motivator” (working title) I will dedicate a chapter on style, because style enhances your presence, and presence is a charisma driver. On this specific list I focused on the speaking part itself. Thanks again for your feedback.

  5. Harminder Dhillon

    Excellent summary! Very useful. In true Toastmasters style, can I give a teeny-weeny recommendation? In the Triangle of Coherence, maybe the order of the three components should be ‘Content, Voice, Body’ (rather than ‘Body, Voice, Content’) , since the content of the speech is the driver which determines the voice and body language we use when we are delivering that part of the speech.
    Really useful summary chart, and one which I’ll keep as a valuable reminder when doing speeches.

  6. Jesús Salillas

    Great summary! Very useful at all stages, while thinking/writing your speech but also when improving and polishing it. Thanks!

  7. Mónica Fernández

    Downloaded! I will use it to prepare my speeches. It’s a good summary to have handy and not to forget anything a speaker should take into account. Thank you!

  8. Hi Florian – great chart and wonderful teasers to other content and blog posts! Excellent content for all things public speaking. One suggestion that I might add (if you don’t mind) is somewhere to identify rehearsal. I’m sure you like me have listened to many speakers with great content, well researched ideas but very poor delivery only through rehearsal. Thanks again, also kudos on the site! It is a great design and style and working my way through the pages. Well Done!

  9. Esteve Angles


    Once more, congratulations and thanks for your superb job. This synthesis paper is really good using it like a check list, comparing our speech skills and let us improve our abilities. It’s also very interesting one of your answers in comments’ section, comparing it like driving a car (or riding a bicycle): experience is a must!!



  10. Great piece of work, Florian. I think it will be very useful as a checklist to remind me of all the different things to take care of before I go on stage. Thank you for sharing it!

  11. Thanks, I downloaded the pdf. Don’t you always have a clear call to action at the end of each presentation or am I not reading this right?

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