May 30, 2010 fm

The Fable of The Fly

Once upon a time there was a happy fly. The fly was so happy because she had everything she needed: a big pile of manure.

The manure nourished the fly. And her husband. And her children. And the friends of her children. The manure provided warmth and food. The fly always thought to herself, “How lucky I am! What else could I ask for in life?”

Others disagreed. “The manure is so stinky, so disgusting! Why don’t you look for better things in life?” They would never get tired of pointing out the downside of the manure. But the fly was happy and so she stayed.

Until the day the others came up with the light: “You have to see this! So shining, so bright. Endless resources of food, endless happiness. Go and see the light!”

The fly was doubtful. She asked the others: “Has anyone ever come back? Can anyone confirm this?” – “No,” they responded, “of course not! Why should they? It’s heaven there. So shining, so bright, so wonderful!”

The fly continued to have her doubts but thought, “If everyone says so, it must be true!”

One day the fly went to see the light. She got stuck in the lampshade and died.

The moral of the story: Don’t always listen to others – sometimes it’s better to stick to one’s manure and live happily ever after.

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