July 21, 2010 fm

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

In a 1985 interview Jim Carrey revealed that his best friend was the mirror. I’m not surprised. I guess there is no second Jim on this planet. He optimized every single facial expression possibly out there.

The question is: why don’t WE make more use of mirrors to train our body language?

According to multiple studies – the web is full of them – 80% of what we communicate is nonverbal. The other day my friend Bobby from Boston gave me a call and said, “You were right in your book. Yesterday I didn’t say anything to my girl-friend and yet she came to me and asked me if something was wrong!”

If you agree that enthusiasm is one of the key characteristics of a great speaker – that would be another motivator for putting more practice into your body language skills. Your perceived enthusiasm stands on two robust pillars: your voice and – you guess it already – your body language!

In all my seminars I strongly recommend the use of mirrors – if not for improving then at least to be aware of the images we exude when we smile this way or frown the other.

The best: mirrors are for free, mirrors are everywhere.

But be careful. Just like practicing your speech in the street where you – the mumbling guy over there who’s talking to himself – might not create the sanest picture, practicing in front of mirrors in elevators the moment your boss steps in is not so recommendable either.

Public speaking is not about being the most handsome person of the universe, hence you can ask this question without anxiety:

“Mirror, mirror on the wall – how can my body talk better after all?”

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