March 30, 2011 fm

#SocialMediaSpeeches – A Humongous Market

When I received a phone call by a prospect the other day, I was intrigued right away. That producer of business intelligence software faced a great challenge: Say goodbye to feature-driven sales and embrace a more emotional, story-driven sales approach.


Wanted: Audio-Visual Content

The driver behind this strategic shift was their need of generating audio-visual content. They needed video material for their website. They needed video material for their social media activities. They needed video material for their telesales.

Till then they had always made the sell by presenting their solutions at the client’s site. Or using webcasts in recent times. Time and cost-consuming processes.

How could they attract the attention of a broader audience? How could they turn this mountain of stodgy product information into exciting and emotional 2-3 minute videos?

They had no clue.


Many Questionmarks

It must be a humongous market. There are thousands of companies like this client, especially medium-sized companies,  who all face the same challenge. What do I communicate? How do I communicate it? Should I talk to my advertising agency? Or to my web agency? Who can get to the point and transmit facts, credibility and emotions in just 2-3 minutes? In a fancy way that appeals to all kinds of audiences?

That client called me because public speakers face exactly the same challenge – in every single speech. Aristotle knew it well – you can only move people to action if you combine Logos (logical argument), Ethos (credibility and authority) and Pathos (emotions) in your communication.


10 Steps

In a 2-day workshop with my client I developed a 10-step process that transforms any heavy, dull, product-oriented communication into a light, emotional, client-oriented communication – social media approved. I very much look forward to seeing the result…

If you want to learn more about the 10-step process please send me an email and I will get back to you.


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