May 4, 2011 fm

Aren’t We All Sinners?

Pride, envy, lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath – the Seven Sins.

Aren’t we all sinners?

The more seminars I have shared, the more speakers I have seen grown, the more goose bumps I have felt – I am convinced more that it is those sins and other human weaknesses, disappointments, broken dreams, fatal tragedies, and personal problems never shared before which connect most with your audience.

Hurtful truths like, “Who can really say they have never failed in love?”,

hurtful truths like, “I let my best friend down.”,

hurtful truths like, “I would give anything to make up with my father.” –

those thruths – way below the line of superficiality – move the audience perception from ‘offish speaker’ to ‘human being’. Your audience loves that.

Like I say in The Seven Minute Star, “Only strong people can reveal themselves to the world.” Be strong, be transparent, be human.

Your audience might think you are a sinner, but they know they are sitting in the same boat. They are too proud of themselves, they envy their neighbors too much, they think about sex 24/7, they are too greedy, they eat too much, they are too lazy, and they are angry all the time.

Yes – we are all sinners. We are all human.


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