December 6, 2011 fm

Will It Ever Be Clean?

Today, I had the great honor to clean windows at home. I’m totally convinced that all of us just love window cleaning. What a great, relaxing, calory consuming free time activity – marvellous!

As a good househusband I went straight for the special window cleaning spray in the cabinet below the kitchen sink. After I had learned that our dog had killed the special window cleaning cloth, I armed myself with kitchen towels.

These special window cleaning sprays work well, I thought. That was easy, mission accomplished. Then I heard the screaming from inside the kitchen.

I really love the Spanish sun, but it can be a mean rival. The more sun, the more you see the remaining stains. Especially from inside the kitchen.

I really love women, but they can be fierce fault-finders. Rose began to sermonize, “You also must use warm water!”

A great fan of The Big Lebowski, I thought this aggression could not stand. I had to defend the honor of an entire consumer goods industry. I insisted on the power of my special window cleaning spray. Before I could kick off my final speech of the defense I already had a warm water soaked kitchen towel in my hand.

Needless to say that the windows were much cleaner in the end.

There is an analogy with public speaking.

When we have created the first draft of our speech, we also tend to think that it is clean already – like that window. We are content with what we have accomplished and move on with what we have.

But there are still many stains. Stains which others might see much better than us. We need a second opinion. We need someone who challenges us with new ideas, new techniques, new inspiration. We need feedback.

Will the window ever be 100% clean? Will our speech ever be perfect?

No, perfection does not exist.  But – who wants to be perfect?

After all, aren’t people relieved when they find some stain on your window?

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