March 1, 2012 fm

The Greatest Speakers List

Who are the greatest speakers for you? The greatest speakers from present, from past, female speakers and male speakers?

Send me your favorite public speakers of all times using the comment function below or tweeting them to @the7minutestar with #greatestspeakers. I will add your suggestions to the list below.

This list  is a growing summary of exceptional speakers we all can learn from. You don’t want to copy their content. You don’t want to copy their style. But – you do want to learn from them. You want to learn from their passion, their enthusiasm, their emotional transparency, their simple language, their body language, their vocal variety, and more.


Here are your greatest speakers: 

To be continued…

Comments (3)

  1. Anand

    I never heard him speak. But from what I’ve heard about him, I would add Abraham Lincoln to the list.

  2. Braz

    I think you should remove the guy that is well-known for heavy reliance on the use of tele-prompters in order to present his message. you know whom I’m referring to. Thx

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