March 20, 2012 fm

The Power Of Words

This morning, my friend Michael Kalkowski sent me this extraordinary inspirational video produced by the British word smiths of Purplefeather. From my point of view, in this viral video the purple feathers perfectly combine a strong message – the power of words – with the spirit of our age.

In a world of economic crisis the entrance to the world of the homeless is wide open. In my hometown Barcelona, more and more people have to walk through this gate. No hope is their last resort. These people need our help.

How can we help?

I am inspired by this video. Why not create a couple of text samples for these cardboards like… “I had a house, I had a car, I had a wife, I had two daughters…”?

Looking the other way will not help. Donating $20 at your charity dinner will not help. Powerful words do. Your emotions proved it when you watched the video above…

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