April 21, 2012 fm

Are You A Message Reducer Or A Message Booster?

This week I gave another seminar for some of my client-friends from Barcelona. In his third speech project one of the participants presented the company’s internship program. At one point he stated that, “It’s nothing more than an internship…”

In the feedback round after the speech one of his colleagues pointed out the incredible message reducing phrase ‘It’s nothing more than…’. My client invests an unbelievable amount of time, money and passion into their internship program. The person who presented the program is 100% passionate about it himself. So – how could he say that? How could he say that it was nothing more than…

Truth is, he is not alone. Aren’t we all world champions in reducing our message unnecessarily and constantly?

Here is a list of message reducing phrases many speakers use on stage:

  • We try to achieve this goal.
  • I believe you can do it.
  • It’s just an initiative.
  • We should be more aggressive in marketing and sales.
  • I will tell you a little bit about our company.

These messages convey uncertainty, doubt, smallness.

It seems as if we do everything to appear more humble when we speak in front of others. But – we go too far. We reduce the impact of our messages all the time.

Trying is not doing. Believing is not knowing. Just? Should? A little bit?


I want you to stop reducing, I want you to start boosting your messages!

  • We will achieve this goal!
  • I know you can do that!
  • It’s a fantastic initiative!
  • Let’s be more aggressive in marketing and sales!
  • I will share with you some exciting insights of our company!

These messages convey authority, determination, leadership.

After the evaluation round that team member of my Barcelona-based client already started to boost his message:

“Our internship program is a unique and fantastic opportunity for top students to start their career with us.”

That’s the way to go – be a message booster!

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