May 1, 2012 fm

What Is Your First Step?

It’s dark. It’s 7:34 am. The hotel room needs fresh air. Big plans are rushing through my head. I want to perform well today. Training the creators of Powerpoint in providing more power to their point – what a challenge!

The big goal is still out of reach. Other milestones decorate the road to success: Shower, get dressed, have breakfast, take a taxi, meet the organizer, prepare the IT.

But – before I can even enter that road there’s another step – the first step.

When you talk about objectives in your company, about action plans and milestones always add this one feasible and concrete first step. The first step that triggers the whole process, the first step that encourages all team members to go on, the first step that turns passive thinkers into active doers.

In that dark hotel room that needed fresh air my first step was… I switched on the light.

What is your first step?

What is your light switch?

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