May 29, 2012 fm

Cross-Selling Is A Myth

For 3,013 days I worked in the field of financial advisory services for one of the Big 4. For eight years and three months I heard one word on an almost daily basis: cross-selling.

The idea of cross-selling in professional service firms is simple:

Financial advisors, bankers, IT consultants, lawyers and others have established client relationships based on their professional expertise. It could be international law, transfer pricing, financial restructuring, corporate finance – you name it.

Now – what the leadership of most of those companies expect their people to do is go to their clients and sell other services as well. The idea of cross-selling is tempting because a company can save high costs of acquisition.

But – don’t they forget three important facts?

  1. Selling of professional services is a trust game, not a grocery store.
  2. As a trusted and credible advisor you can only sell one solution.
  3. On top – most people are driven by personal interests rather than corporate balance sheets.

In my former company cross-selling never really worked. Today, during my lunch with a good friend, an M&A advisor, I heard about their unsuccessful attempts to launch cross-selling initiatives. Numerous other similar initiatives which I’ve heard about in the course of time ended in a dead end street.

I strongly believe that cross-selling is a myth.

Skip the cross and start selling!


Ask Jack Vincent. He will make you snap, crackle ‘n pop!

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  1. Michael

    Florian, Schmarrn! Du kennst unsere How to Win Initiative von KPMG noch nicht – it’s all about incentives!
    Cross selling works!
    Hoffe Dir gehts gut, Michael

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