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In Seven Days From Hungarian Nursery Rhyme To Freddy Mercury

Some of my client-friends suffered for one day. Most of them suffered for two days. In one-and-a-half years, working in two different hotels, Eszter Czár went through the public speaking and charisma hell for seven days!

If you had known this shy and timid kind lady before and would meet her now, you wouldn’t believe that it’s the same person. This shy and timid kind lady who hardly dared to sing a Hungarian nursery rhyme, now rocks the stage like Freddy Mercury – with self-confidence and charisma.

What happened to Eszter?


Eszter, in 1.5 years you participated four times in The Seven Minute Star seminars, seven days altogether. How do you feel?

I feel more secure, I have more self-confidence, and I’m more assertive. I’m not the small gray mouse anymore who’s afraid of saying her opinion and defend it. I also hear a lot from others that my presence has improved and that I’m more open.

On the first day it took a long pressure pause till you finally performed that Hungarian nursery rhyme. Today you sing in front of your colleagues without hesitating…

You’ve shown me that I can be committed to my weaknesses. This is what I do now. I know that singing is not one of my strengths, but I still feel good about it and I can pass on my good vibes to others. And if it’s really a complete flop, I can laugh about myself.

What does communication mean to you today?

I’ve learned about the importance of communication and its different ways. In one of my speeches in Salzburg I also mentioned that communication and motivation are inseparable. Apart from that, I pay much more attention to the way I express myself and I’m aware of the significance of self-confidence and presence when I communicate. Summarizing, communication is a much more complex topic today than it was 1.5 years ago.

What has changed in your perception since day one?

Today I know that I should be concerned much less about what others think of me. I know that I can present in a much more open and relaxed way. I’ve seen how much potential rests in oneself and how one can evolve in just two days. I was surprised about myself and I want to thank you for unlocking all this potential.

How do you apply the learnings in your everyday life?

I use them consciously and unconsciously: I motivate my colleagues and my interns, I give more positive feedback, have more presence, and when I have to present something I use the tools I learned from you. Plus a smile always helps! 🙂

What are your three biggest take-aways from seven days of public speaking and charisma seminars?

Liver damage, dry eyes from crying and insomnia, ah and George Clooney and wood crisis… 🙂

Seriously, above all, I will never forget the Greek temple with the three pillars and drainpipe. Also the rules for better Powerpoint presentations, the importance of feedback and, of course, “no feedback on feedback”! I had so many beautiful moments in those seven days; I could mention several lists of three take-aways.

Thank you so much and see you in the next seminar!

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