February 21, 2013 fm

Question Everything!

Today I had lunch with my good friend David Blackshaw. We went to my second home, the cosy Can Traver. Can Traver – where the parking lot is an olive tree bosk, where the building is a country house from the 17th century, and where the Catalan owner Ernest greets you with a warm smile.

Thursday in Spain, paella day. While we were chewing our shrimps, David and I talked about a wide range of topics – from love to life, from life to business.

When we stranded at the beach of public speaking, I made the reflection that, for me, too many people leaned against a wall of standard. They seek for security. Copy/paste – doing what others do seems the safest approach. And then, inevitably they end up giving boring, dull, standard speeches and presentations. Just like all the other copypasters.

David saw an analogy in his field of expertise. David is a brilliant financial risk advisor for international banks. He said that many processes in banks were totally obsolete. For instance, people create risk reports based on momentary regulations from the 70s. Every month they create reports that no one ever reads.

Why doesn’t anyone question these processes?

When we are babies we copy our parents. They are our role model. We keep copying them when we are children. But then, when we enter the stage of adolescence we question our parents. We look for our own ways, different ways, better ways. We confront our parents. We turn into rebels with a cause. Finally, we find our way.

Whether we’re talking about regulatory processes from the 70s or public speaking – I think we should never stop questioning standards. At the age of 16 you were very capable of questioning your parents’ standards. Do the same in your business life and in your communication.

Question everything! Do it your way!

When David and I were about to leave the Can Traver, Ernest kept talking for 15 minutes about why Barça lost against AC Milan at San Siro the night before. But losing the return game?

That IS out of the question.

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