May 2, 2013 fm

The Three Cs For A More Powerful Voice

Today I visited HP Toastmasters Barcelona, one of three corporate clubs we have in the Barcelona region. My friend Pau Soler can be very persuasive. In return for giving an educational session on voice I received a free meal and a cup of Tallat. (Tallat means “cut” in Catalan and is the name for a small coffee with milk.)

I love the enthusiasm of my fellow Toastmasters at HP. They have come a long way since their kick-off two years ago. The quality of their speeches and evaluations has tremendously increased. This is the great thing about Toastmasters. The quality improves without the presence of a teacher. The group is the teacher. The power of positive and constructive feedback is like an invisible hand, which lifts up everyone and helps everybody grow.

An important tessera of Toastmasters’ mosaic of personal growth are educational sessions imparted by our own members.

In this 30-minute interactive workshop I presented the three Cs for a more powerful voice in public speaking.

The first C is a vicious circle. The second C has something to do with Voltaire. The third C is… nothing!

Nonvoluntary volunteers sang and screamed and whispered and breathed. After 30 minutes my HP friends had . To empower your voice in public speaking isn’t rocket science. In the book PlusPlus I compare your voice with a rollercoaster:

Your voice is a rollercoaster. You can speak in a loud tone; you can speak in a soft tone. You can speak slowly, or you can speak rapidly. And when the rollercoaster is about to go down the starting ramp, you don’t speak at all. You — pause.

Whether it’s in a football stadium, at a funeral, at a wedding, during a nasty fight with a friend, a passionate discussion with an Italian taxi driver, tender talk after sex, a touching declaration of love, a crazy night in the pub in Dublin with Boris, Tiho, Christoph, and Yves — you already know your voice, and it’s ready! 

It isn’t rocket science at all! Just use your voice on stage the same way you use it off the stage. But if you insist and you really want to know about those three Cs for a more powerful voice on stage, then contact me and we arrange a workshop in your company! 😉

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