August 3, 2013 fm

Five Golden Rules For Seminar Participants

1. I’m committed to grow

There’s a huge difference between seminar participants who join the trainings voluntarily and those who are sent by their bosses. Only in the second group I sometimes face characters who lack commitment to grow. Those people waste their time and the time of all other seminar participants. Bosses should talk to their people beforehand and only send those who are really committed to grow personally and professionally.

2. I never say “No”

Public speaking is one of the top fears in the world. Leaving the comfort zone and swimming over to the magical zone is tough. On top, I use comfort zone blasting exercises. What I can never accept is a “No”. I’d lose my credibility as a trainer and motivator. It must be crystal clear that the word “No” is not an option. For no one.

3. I give positive and constructive feedback only

Who likes to hear negative feedback? In my seminars we only use plus and plusplus feedback. Instead of saying, You speak too fast, we say, When you speak slower I can follow your flow better. We throw away all minus comments. It’s plus and plusplus feedback, which changes people and lets them grow.

4. I never give feedback on feedback

No feedback on feedback is the fourth untouchable rule. Feedback on feedback will always be defensive. Instead, be inspired by this Asian wisdom: We have one mouth and two ears. When you receive feedback by your teammates it’s time to listen, not to talk.

5. I trust the trainer

As a trainer I have the benefit of having seen and worked with many people and characters, optimists and pessimists, introverts and extroverts. Based on this ample experience I know exactly which buttons I have to push in you. I know exactly where you can go. I know exactly which level you can reach. I only need one thing from you in return – your trust.

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