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Who Am I – Define Yourself In Three Steps

Following up on the article Are You Planning To Become A Trainer? I want to share with you today a fast and furious exercise, which will help you to define your personality and style.

As I said in the abovementioned article, like any brand in the world you too want to emphasize your USP, your Unique Selling Proposition. In a sea of trainers you need to be different. You are the brand and fact is you cannot fake it. You have to be authentic. Ask yourself, What is my unique style? Ask yourself, Who am I?

Whether you are a trainer or a team manager, the leader of an NGO or a firefighter – this exercise is suitable for anyone. Once you have defined who you are, you can adapt your training style to it, you can adapt your leadership style to it, you can adapt any style to it. Because it’s your style – the authentic you!

The Who-am-I-exercice has three steps:

First step – Choose six positive adjectives that best describe your character 

Print out this article, select six adjectives from the list below, and enter them in the six boxes of the table.

adaptable, adventurous, affable, affectionate, agreeable, ambitious, amiable, amicable, amusing, brave, bright, broad-minded, calm, careful, charming, communicative, compassionate, conscientious, considerate, convivial, courageous, courteous, creative, decisive, determined, diligent, diplomatic, discreet, dynamic, easygoing, emotional, empathetic, energetic, enthusiastic, exuberant, fair-minded, faithful, fearless, forceful, frank, friendly, funny, generous, gentle, good, gregarious, hard-working, helpful, honest, humorous, imaginative, impartial, independent, intellectual, intelligent, intuitive, inventive, kind, loving, loyal, modest, neat, nice, optimistic, passionate, patient, persistent, pioneering, philosophical, placid, plucky, polite, powerful, practical, pro-active, quick-witted, quiet, rational, reliable, reserved, resourceful, romantic, self-confident, self-disciplined, sensible, sensitive, shy, sincere, sociable, straightforward, sympathetic, thoughtful, tidy, tough, unassuming, understanding, versatile, warmhearted, willing, witty.

Are you curious about steps two and three?

Then send me an email and I’ll reply immediately with further instructions.

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