August 24, 2013 fm

Why Public Speaking?

Today I heard that same comment for the bazillionth time. A friend, even a Toastmaster friend, asked me, Why would companies organize public speaking seminars? Those people don’t need to speak in public!

Well, apart from the great saying, Whether it’s one person or a 1,000 people, it’s always public speaking, here are 20 good reasons.

Why would you, as an employee, want to participate in a public speaking seminar?

  1. Because communication is the hardest skill.
  2. Because you receive positive and constructive feedback.
  3. Because you get rid of subconscious ticks and quirks.
  4. Because you improve your body language.
  5. Because you train your vocal variety.
  6. Because you learn how to structure your content.
  7. Because you get to the point.
  8. Because you learn how to tell stories.
  9. Because you can be creative again.
  10. Because you are inspired.
  11. Because you see your colleagues in a different light.
  12. Because it’s teambuilding.
  13. Because you’ll speak up in the future.
  14. Because you learn how to persuade people.
  15. Because you become more self-confident.
  16. Because you raise your level of energy.
  17. Because you boost your charisma.
  18. Because you unlock your potential.
  19. Because it’s personal and professional growth.
  20. Because public speaking is therapy and you get to know yourself much better.

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