April 28, 2014 fm

Your Message In Multiple Bottles

Life is full of inspiration. The other day I attended the Spanish speech contest of Toastmasters International in Barcelona. In the category “Speeches in Spanish” Norma used a bottle as a visual aid and said that, Our message must fit in a bottle.

This inspired me. My thoughts went wild. If my message were a bottle, what kind of drink would it be?

I took a piece of paper and started to scribble down different kinds of drinks like red wine, Coca-Cola, beer, water, … Then, I added a one-word description to each one of these drinks.

Thinking in images helps our brain to better deal with complex issues. Instead of one bottle, our message could be a combination of different drinks, which best address the needs of our “party guests” (the audience).

Message = Red wine + Water + Beer

Imagine my message would have to be deep, plain and refreshing. Not too shallow, not too complex, not too cliché, but deep, plain and refreshing. Then, I’d like to serve red wine, water and beer at my party.

Or, you go and give an inspiring speech to a class of teenagers. Then, your message could be healthy, plain and emotional. Orange juice, water and Coke.

Whatever mix of drinks you choose, plain water should always be part of it.

What mix of drinks will you serve at your next party?

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