October 15, 2014 fm

Your Day Ends With A Smile

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Imagine a room. Not any room. A modernist room, beautiful, in the modernist center of Barcelona. Sunny March daylight crawls through the narrow winter garden and rests on the mosaic floor. You’re in Calle Corsega, 286. You’re at the Artchimboldi, the alternative workspace. You’ve just experienced the first of two days of Spectacular Speaking. A glass of Rioja in your hand – you are tired, exhausted and… happy.

Today, you’ve learned more about the art of speaking, presenting and communicating than in your entire life before. Six passionate coaches guided you through the world of Aristotle, the world of persuasion, the world of inspiration.

Mr. Poise, John Zimmer, told you about the importance of great preparation and how to add more power to your slides. His bearing words – Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – are still ringing in your ears.

Mr. Energy, Florian Mueck, shared a simple tool with you for structuring your speeches and presentations in four simple steps. You’re thinking now, How will I ever get that darn drainpipe out of my head?

Mr. Story, Peter Zinn, carried your thoughts to a bonfire with its flickering flames. Peter inspired you to whirl any content, even technical content, into a story. Peter lit a fire in you – a fire of stories, emotions and pathos.

Mr. Pathos, Tobias Rodrigues, told you about his humble grandfather. That story really inspired you. Tobias gave you concrete, tangible ideas that help you to become a great communicator just like his beloved grandpa.

Mr. Consequence, Conor Neill, let you find the leader within yourself. During Conor’s session you had a Heureka moment. Suddenly, you realized how stories, pathos and leadership are all connected.

It was also the moment when you thought, Great, now I’m well prepared for my next business presentation. This is it! But then, SHE took the stage and you knew right away that you were still missing the second half of stage success.

The Queen of Delivery, Olivia Schofield, took the stage. All eyes on her. No iPhoning, no iPadding, you even stopped breathing. Body, voice, eye contact – the energy level in that beautiful modernist room reached the climax. Wow! you thought.

Fueled with all this interactive information of day one, you enthusiastically asked two questions during the following Q&A session, which featured all the experts.

Jerzy, our moderator of the day, made you laugh a couple of times. Like he did throughout the day. Sometimes, though, you didn’t really catch his Polish humor. You felt relieved when Olivia took you aside during the cocktail reception. Don’t worry, darling, that’s normal.

You’re sitting on a sofa from the sixties. You are tired and exhausted. Your glass of Rioja is empty. You’re thinking about the next day and the two speeches you’ll give in a smaller group with two of the coaches. Your feeling about public speaking has changed. Rather than fear, now you feel respect for the challenge. You promise yourself to follow John’s advice. You smile.

Are you in for that smile?

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